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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Ancient tales intertwined in imagination

I have always had an interest in ancient mythology.. Román, Egyptian and Greek in the main. This inspired me to write Phobic Wars
I am just watching a great documentary on BBC 4 - Atlantis: the evidence - a time watch special. This has just reminded me why I wrote it and what inspired me. I have been lucky enough to visit both Egyptian and Cretian places of historical significance like the Nike and it's temples as well as Knosos in Crete. Minoan society may well have been linked to the Atlantian one, so probably the closest I would get to the ancient culture.
They were awsome and an inspiration to visit.
Furthermore, originating from Gibraltar, Atlantis has always fascinated me.
Was Atlantis destroyed as a punishment by the God's, sending a Tsunami 65 feet high, eruptions and quakes, cataclysmic disasters that would destroy the ancient societies of the world in the BC era?

Phobic Wars is an apocalypse inspired tale that takes the reader close to the edge of a repeat of the devastating effects of annoying the God's and messing with nature.
The story describes a fictional twist that may have happened...  Why not?

It is fiction and written to be enjoyed. Nuclear power in ancient times? Well it is fiction after all.
Plato wrote about some memorable stories that set the rise and fall of Atlantis. It captures our imagination, despite an absence of hard evidence.

Throw In some yucky bugs and mythical creatures with a resulting powerful read... Phobic Wars

I have written a few books and although it needs revision, I urge you to read this and share the legend.