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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Normality post murder

Obsession of the Damned starts with the aftermath of Mental Dental... Jessie Stack tries to return to the norm.
"The excitement she’d lived through and the limelight she had gained was not something she aspired to, solving murders was exhausting. Jessie was now a “Crime Busting Heroine” and although she wished to disremember the arduous months that had transpired she would never forget. People wouldn’t forget as society wouldn’t fail to recall the series of events and murders she had helped uncover and maybe she deserved this adoration but now all she wanted to do was blend in and disappear into mundane daily life"

Does she succeed or does something else happen?  Well obviously something else happened. There would not be a second book otherwise!

Download it and read it, it is a cracking book and I recommend it ...