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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Check your Christmas reads

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Monday, 11 December 2017


It's been a busy few weeks, so much so I have not posted anything here since early last month!
The day job is in its busy 'peak season' for respiratory illnesses, family commitments have also been demanding, enjoyable but non the less, all absorbing.
Thankfully, today is a little easier.

So what's happening out there?
It's snowing, cold and treacherous on the roads. We had been trying to get to Colchester, trying to travel a route that would take an hour in total... Two hours later, several skids and anxiety attacks +++ with only half the route travelled, we turned around.
The snow has eased but the roads are like sheets of ice now...
I've just returned from walking RosieG, slipping and sliding around and happy to be indoors.

The snow looks beautiful and the landscape turns a different hue with the winter-scape. The frosted leaves, trees and grass, white and glistening... Gorgeous but treacherous.
My mum, comfortable and warm in Gibraltar, has never seen the snow and is always saying we are so lucky... But mum, I'd trade the warm sun to the snow any day.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Childhood stories... Metaphors

I remember growing up in Gibraltar and listening to the many stories my grandad Louis would tell us grandkids about.
We were very close as a family and very protective of each other.
Grandad was the patriarch, he was a leader and very charismatic, far from fearsome but we would all listen to his advice and words of wisdom.

His stories were intertwined with some singing and voice changes. He was a heavy smoker so his gruff voice would make us listen even more intently. He was a great story teller, maybe why I like to write?
They were mainstream themes, issues that we needed to have insight of and learn. This was for our safety but it was delivered through a filtered and Innocent delivery by my abuelo (Spanish for grandad).

I fondly remember the story of 'El mantequero'... I suppose it was the Gibraltarian version of the boogie-man. We used to live near the botanical gardens, it was our playground but we needed to respect that although beautiful, the gardens were dangerous after dark.
El mantequero, the butter man : was apparently a big, evil and immoral man that would leap out if the shadows if he caught you lurking after sundown and take a large, sharp knife out of his hooded coat and cut into your palms, removing the fat from them (butter) that he collected and you would not be seen again.
It was a very effective deterrent for us children for many years.
So much so, I was never comfortable walking through the Alameda Gardens in Gibraltar until my late teens.

When I examine the message and the effect, I realise abuelo was teaching us about being aware of the risk we all had. The metaphor was about paedophile awareness.

On reflection, it worked and it was such a lovely way of keeping us safe. Abuelo loved us and was determined to reduce the risk of harm to my brother, cousins and I.

Have you got any memories that you can share that are similar in nature? Any wise words that are entwined in stories?

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

Really interesting program about Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) or brain damage from heading the ball, likened to boxers brain.
The wobbling brain causing tares and irreversible damage from the micro-trauma over years.
What will this mean to the game and its future?
Presented by Alan Shearer, an ex-pro and header of the ball extraordinaire on the BBC.

Having been a football fan all my life, playing for many years and being good and strong at heading the ball, I loved heading the ball. It makes me wonder what will have been the result of the years of heading balls?

Being a father to three boys, coaching teams etc, I always remember my eldest, Paul, saying 'I'm not heading the ball, I treasure my brain cells' I laughed but 'Paul, you were right'.

Having played for decades, I can honestly say I've played in many weather's, with differing quality balls and have headed these too... Frankly, most headers I thought were controlled and not painful. However, there have been some that have felt like my skull had caved in and my brain opened and scooped out. Feeling a bit wobbly for a few seconds and then back to the grind and the game.

So the evidence says don't and the love for the game says yes... So don't get concussed, try to protect yourself and use chest or position yourself back a little to avoid heading where possible.

Food for thought and well presented

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Inspired writing

The ideas surge through your mind, bouncing within your head, snapping from one synapse to another... The inception of a story begins.
If it's a good idea, it stays there and you plan ahead.
As with all my novels, I have followed that eureka moment with hours of creativity and enjoyment.
The commitment of completing a book is a work of love, effort and belief.
I have no regrets and although I aspire to get these read by as many people as possible, I am also aware that they may lack in some technical perfection... However, does the 'odd editing eeror' make them poor? Maybe to some, however it should not detract from the essence and body of the tale.
The story should be told, no matter what the finish is like. By awaiting the perfect diamond, you may miss out on other precious things.
So why not give a truly independent range of books a try and judge the content and flow.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

New business start-up

The journey from inception to execution of a business... This is some information from my son's recent venture with some helpful tips and advice.
Thanks for sharing and good luck Paul

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Differences to writing

I'm not sure what the distinctions are between being an author or a writer?
I am many things before I am an author and would consider myself more of a writer / story teller.
My writing, I enjoy but I do not take it seriously. To me, the purpose of writing is to tell a story, to prompt the imagination and create a conversation.
What I hope is that these goals are achieved through the books available without them having to be scrutinised on literary standards.
My impression is that they tick some boxes for some people, not all.
Some is good for me.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Funny, clever quotes

My current favourite....
“I'm sure wherever my dad is, he's looking down on us. He's not dead. Just very condescending.”
Jack Whitehall

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

I6 ghosts

Sixteen chilling tales that are set within the walls of the world's most haunted hospital. Inspired by shared tales in the darkest of night shifts in the cold and eerie hospital wards.

Meticulously crafted 'Healthcare folklore' elaborated into the stories within this compilation of ghostly stories that is The Ultimate Phantasms in the Infirmary

Creepy stories that need to be explored and shared on All Hallows Eve.

Paperback and Kindle version... The choice is entirely yours

Monday, 30 October 2017

All of a sudden...

All of a sudden, there's a positive surge in downloads /readership of my novels.
I'm not complaining, however my newest addition to, Obsession of the Damned, is not getting any!
Phobic Wars, Phantasms in the Infirmary Vol I and Mental Dental (Murder by Proxy) are doing really well though.
My hope with this is that some of these will convert to readers reviews, encouraging others to read my creations, including Obsession of the Damned.

Please pass this on, share and get these novelas reviewed, read and popularity increases...

Thanks folks

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Let's get the party started

Halloween party prep can take a bit of doing and if you can get a helping hand, why not capitalise on it?
Phantasms in the Infirmary is that metaphorical helping hand.
Short scary stories that will get you and your guests ready to party on with the ghosts, spooks and killer Nuns.... Can you handle it?
At only 0.99, it's worth a shot

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Halloween spooks here for you

All these stories for only £/$ 0.99... It equates to only a few cents /pence per story
Must be worth a punt... But be quick, it's only around for a few days over Halloween

Phantasms is a blooming good read
Try it for yourself by clicking Here

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Word count classification

Word counts, count...

I was reading an article about the effect and balance of words in work...
Interesting in its famous Nebula Awards series, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America classifies submissions into four categories:

Short story: under 7,500Novelette: between 7,500 and 17,500Novella: between 17,500 and 40,000Novel: over 40,000


Tuesday, 24 October 2017


Irrational fears of insect...
What if there's more to it?

Phobic Wars IS free on Amazon Kindle want the link?


Thursday, 19 October 2017


More than one in ten UK adults fear going to the dentist...
Reading Mental Dental (MBP) probably may aggravate /exacerbate the issue s little more?

Friday, 29 September 2017

5 stars again

New 5 star review for
The Ultimate Phantasms in the Infirmary

A must read A++

By MR D G Morris
on 28 September 2017

A really good read. All the stories where interesting and scary. It was easy and enjoyable to read. As a nurse I would love to do a shift in this hospital.


Wednesday, 27 September 2017


How cool is this...?
Just had this email informing me about Mental Dental getting noticed
Follow the link too....

Obsessive read

An innovative crime thriller, a story with guts and will keep you on your toes. One of my colleagues expressed 'I couldn't put it down' now that is a massive tribute to it... So get a copy of this cracking story for only £0.99 /$0.99 and help it up the rankings... Limited time only so share this post to any avid readers
Obsession of the Damned

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Sad link with Atlantis

I have been fascinated by the stories of the myth of Atlantis since I was very young.
The possibility of an advanced race, inventive and ahead of its time but then they are wiped out by an apocalypse of some sort... Of course I was hooked!
So much so, I wrote Phobic Wars, with many subplots within it and among the themes within, included Atlantis.
I subscribe to Google Alerts and I get an email on anything Atlantis...
However the link between the mythological island civilization seems to be disconnected and more  mundane things are trending... Sad.
Hotel Atlantis, poker, Dubai... No offence but this is far from the Atlantis I would love to know more about.


Yes folks, Obsession of the Damned will be available on kindle Countdown Deal.
Get the follow up to Mental Dental on Amazon Kindle UK and USA
Read it for only a few cents /pence.
Enjoy the adventure and mystery with all the twists you can get...
UK link

Thursday, 21 September 2017


words attributed to Thomas Jefferson:
 “There is nothing more unequal than the equal treatment of unequal people.” 

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Writing... A poem

Perceptions are what I mistook
When I wrote my first ever book
Reality hit, the work it took
To market my first ever book

It was a novel all would read
A story everyone would need
But now years, on I've taken heed
Marketing books is a difficult deed

Some books on I'm sure of one thing
Money and fame ain't everything
It's the joy my books can bring
So onto another writing fling

It's not easy being an author
Though I believed it ought-to
The words should flow like water
It doesn't pay for bricks and mortar

The day job needs to stay
Selling books currently doesn't pay
But wish the books well I pray
They'll get popular, maybe one day

I aspire for them getting read
Someone choosing my books instead
Read them wherever, on the train or in bed
Share them, enjoy and be happy you read.... RPG Books

Phobic Wars... Synopsis

Synopsis for Phobic Wars
By Ram Gulrajani

This is a work of fiction and addresses a little sci-fi in it as it envelopes the main tag of the story, phobias with a love story within it and the old tales of Atlantis to boot.

The story is two separate stories that interweave and finally merge into one. Separate lives crashing into one another in order to save the world.

The story concerns phobias and how people cope with them and the main character in particular, an Italian with a fear of cockroaches.

In his work, he has developed a way of getting rid of cockroaches and is quite successful in this. However in order to resolve the problem, he encounters the fact that Mother Nature intended Cockroaches to be present in the world. Why? Well what is unleashed tells the story.

It is not until the cockroaches start to disappear that they even greater evil of creatures that had been identified by the people of Atlantis and had led to their demise and disappearance start to eat everything in their path.
Medusa Dermaptera are the creatures that the Atlantians had been trying to fore warn them about via the other main character in the book.
She is a distant relative of the surviving Atlantians and has vivid dreams that she cannot understand but turn out to be visions of warnings.
She is a nurse and meets an unusual patient on the ward she works in who turns out to be an Atlantian who has come back to life to pass on this message and try and prevent the destruction of the world by Medusa Dermaptera.
It encompasses the belief that innovation and changing the status quo can always be of benefit with the message that nature is finely tuned for a purpose and that the presumption that ridding the world of any creatures, even cockroaches , is not a good move.
I believe the story is original in its concept and could do better if the story was edited professionally and marketed by a publishing house rather than as a self publishing project. However the story is innovative and nonetheless a good read.

Want to try it?
Phobic Wars IS the link

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Cold, rainy days and dark evenings are back

The summer seems to be over, at least it feels this way in the UK.
The warmth of the day is less obvious as the temperature seems to have plummeted by a few degrees.
The evenings have drawn in as we now contend with the questions 'do we turn the heating on'?
Well with every cloud, there's a silver lining... I will now be more determined to finish the book I am writing.
What is it!?
Well it's the third part to the Mental Dental (MBP) series.
Yes, more thrilling adventures for Dr Jessie Stack as she faces the dangers of wrestling with psychopathic killer dentists.

So I hopefully will be able to complete the task I have set ahead and will publish in the coming months.
In the meantime, the summer may not be a distraction anymore but I have paid work, family and especially my gorgeous grandchildren to keep me from pen and paper.

Onwards and upwards

Anxiety response

‘Prisoner 3462666, I don’t think I follow you, who is that?’ she asked, puzzled at the numbered descriptor.
‘Prisoner 3462666 is Stephen Lambe’ Miller said and there was a long pause before a response came from the calls recipient.
Jessie could not believe what she was hearing.
She immediately started to feel her heart beat increase, pounding within her thorax, her adrenaline levels rising and her eyes blurring.

So why would someone respond in this way?
Well if you had been through all that Jessie had been through, you may have had the same anxiety response?
Want to know more?
Read Obsession of the Damned
Available on the Amazon website as a paperback version or Kindle.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Not sure what happened but...

I'm not sure what's happened but I have had a sudden spike to my books, especially Obsession of the Damned and Mental Dental (Murder by Proxy).

Hey, I'm not complaining but I wish I knew why in order to :
A) Sustain this
B) Replicate this

For the moment though... Get in there!!

Thursday, 14 September 2017


Mental Dental (Murder by Proxy) and Obsession of The Damned.
Both these stories are directly related seeing as the latter is the follow up to Mental Dental (MBP)... No coincidence.
Dr Jessie Stack faces the psychopathic pack, an unholy collection of killer dentists. In the process, she becomes the unlikely heroine
People are dying and no clues are obvious.
What Jessie uncovers helps with solving the issues but at what cost, to her!

It's unique and ingenious as a plot and maybe one day, not too far, it may become a movie or two?

Get there first and read the books... Check out my author page on Amazon to obtain a copy of the novels and when you do... Write a review.

Building a brand in books

As a fledgling author and independent of any help... It's hard work to build a brand.
RPG Books is my brand.
It's slowly becoming a brand, my work, my stories, my books, shared with the world.
They are personalised with the thoughts and streams of ideas at the time of putting pen to paper, or computer content!
There are more to add and enjoy but in the mean time, the work continues... Marketing, blogging, sharing on social media and on and on it goes...
The results? Well I'll never be a millionaire through my writing but my intention was never that.
Share the thoughts and giving the world a piece of me is all I want.

If you have a chance, have a look at my author page on Amazon and maybe even download or order a copy of one of RPG books...

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Honest and fun

Creating a novel is an awsome understanding.
Especially when the author has had no training in the craft.
However, the drivers of said undertaking make the writing worthwhile and less laborious.

My day job, like many other people's, is stressful, serious and difficult. I need to vent my feelings and frustrations creatively.
In my case, writing was a way of relaxing, sharing experiences and ideas, enjoying the ride . To me, spinning a tall tale that was fun to write, sharing a story and flexing my artistic muscle were the drivers.

Promotion of them is something I chose to do with respect of getting them read.
Selling them is secondary, the profit margins are low and the time it takes would be counter productive to my primary aims of enjoying life.

So why the blog?
Connection to the world.
It's a way of saying 'I'm real, I'm here and I believe I have something to say'

Life is too big and hard to worry about success as an author when really, I'm just doing it for fun.

With this in mind, if you want to read something honest, different and entertaining and mine, then please have a look.
If not, may you choose someone else's work, either way, enjoy, share, learn and spend some time with your thoughts.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Gothic thriller

The Phantasms in the Infirmary series is both nightmarish and Byronic in essence.

The Gothic horror element within it is defined by the building, a hospital full of paranormal entities.
Gothic novel definitions.... The term Gothic novel broadly refers to stories that combine elements from horror and romanticism.

The Gothic novel often deals with supernatural events, or events occurring in nature that cannot be easily explained or over which man has no control, and it typically follows a plot of suspense and mystery.

Hence the Phantasms in the Infirmary Vol I and Vol II plus The Ultimate Phantasms in the Infirmary Vol I and Vol II plus a little more...
All these books are jam packed with a ghostly collection of short stories involving spooky nurses, supernatural tales and include the Nun of Death and the dead man...

Dare to visit?
The hospital is open and accessible to all via Amazon Kindle and paperback format.

Obsessive, compulsive Reads... OCR

The telephone rang; Jessie’s mobile was whirring incessantly. She picked it up and looked at the screen, “Unknown Caller”.
She was hesitant to take the call as her unwanted caller had not ceased at their attempts to intimidate the young dentist. Plucking up the courage, she accepted the call and tentatively answered it, expecting the customary silence. ‘Hello’ she asked.
‘Hi Jessie, it’s me, Michael, Michael Miller’ the voice replied. ‘Michael, thank you for calling, what a relief, I thought it was going to be another intimidating silent call’, her voice desperate for reassurance and hungry for information.
‘As agreed, our geek squad, the I.T. investigators have tried to trace the call and it is coming from an unregistered mobile telephone and the calls are originating from the North-East of England’
Jessie immediately asked ‘Do you know who it is then?’
‘No, sorry it isn’t as easy as that Jessie’ Miller continued, however, there is a small link, Prisoner 3462666 resides in Frankland Prison in the North-East’....

This is a tiny extract from the novel 'Obsession of The Damned'
This is my last published book and follows on from Mental Dental (MBP) a thriller series which is still evolving.

Both books in the series are immaculately written with the intertwined sub plots, tones and mind boggling characters.
The stories are full of covert detection opportunities that will help you, the reader, try and second-guess what is building up.
However, it will not be easy to unpick the plot.

It's been well received and keenly read, however, please support this psychological thrillers by writing a review on Amazon.

Thanks in advance for your support folks.

Guaranteed Goosebumps

Fancy a different read?
Searching for entertaining stories?
Fiction based in fact that includes ghosts, ghouls, haunted hospital wards and more?
Then look no further than the massive Ultimate Phantasms in the Infirmary.

Guarantees goosebumps...
Click here

Monday, 28 August 2017

Social experiment

A Man-bag is a commonly used item, one could call it 'the norm' in continental Europe.

They are taken everywhere by any male in all walks of life.
However, the UK is slow in catching up with its nearest neighbours.

The younger UK men are slowly picking up on the advantages of a man bag but many still opt for bulging, masculine pockets.

Well this is the social research I'm conducting at the moment.
True, there is a hidden agenda, a new bag and look in development... However, it is still interesting.

My survey is still open and the results to date are enlightening with a glimpse of what drives men to use or not use a man bag.

Here is a link to my survey

The attitude towards men carrying bags has evolved, and now most men you see on the street will be sporting some sort of holdall or other. From the humble career bag to the designer options with the 'Big names' on them..

True, not all are interested in being seen as stylish men, however considering the plethora of kit we carry, it may be a simple option.
Take my personal circumstances: I carry two cell phones, a wallet, house, car and office keys, at least one pen, loose change for parking, tissues etc. As I get older, maybe add in my prescription glasses and even inhaler, medication... The list gets bigger.
Imagine carting all of this paraphernalia in a couple of pockets? Cumbersome and impractical...
It's not practical, it is unsightly, insecure and unsafe.

So isn't it about time we just called it a "bag"?  
Well, no, I don't agree.

A man-bag, denotes the absence of makeup, sanatary products, perfume etc.. If this sounds sexist, we'll it's a subjective statement!

When we have a specific look and functionality that we need, then we can truly have a Man-bag!

Watch this space for developments but also, please let me know, anonymously, what you think by competition of the attached survey.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Book your appointment

Thrill seekers... Book your appointment with one of my books.
If it's choice you are after, there are a few already penned and available to select.
From Legally Lucky, the first novel inspired by hope, dreams and aspirations of money to the second instalment of the psychological Thriller Obsession of The Damned, part of the continuing Mental Dental (MBP) series.
In between them, there are Phobic Wars, Phantasms in the Infirmary Vol I and Vol II plus a little more on The Ultimate Phantasms in the Infirmary, a veritable horror fest of hospital hauntings. There's even a Spanish version, which is on Kindle Countdown Deal in a day's time.
Then there's a comedy, Hilarity in the Hills...
As my catalogue increases, I think it caters for different moods, genres and taste in contemporary fiction.
The writing style is mine, so I hope you can consider them and enjoy them?
All I ask for is that you write an honest review of what you think of them.
Why? Well, we are all learning and this helps to target my future exploits. It also means more people get to know my books and makes them more readable and accessible to others.

Enjoy what's left of the summer and chill with one of the RPG Books.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Libros con cuentos embrujados

 Libro en español

Deal for a limited period on the site... Fantasmas en el Hospital

Spanish version so....
Un libro que viene muy bien presentado y garantiza escalofríos para usted que Le gusta historias de terror...
Está a sólo 0.99 desde el 25 de Agosto a el 30.

Espero que lo disfrutes y déjelo de saber a sus amistades y amigos.

Interesados? Link

Friday, 18 August 2017

Survey on men's fashion

Hi all
Please click on the link below and complete a short survey on men's fashion.
Specifically, man-bags
It's an observation that will help design a future product.
Thanks for the support
The link again is Man-bag

Four days on and some really interesting information and ever so useful in developing the future...

If you haven't done it yet, please complete the short survey

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Check out this thrilling item

Take a look at @Hospitalghosty's Tweet:

OMG... Forgot to say

The Ultimate Phantasms in the Infirmary is available on kindle Countdown Deal for only £/$0.99
It's limited until 22nd of August and will keep you awake and spooked for a while.
Intrigued, download it by clicking.. Here

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Just Chilling

I've been quite inactive on the blog front as I have been away on holiday... Tuscany to be precise. Also in Zurich..
Away with some of the family, in the middle of the hills, swimming pool, wine and sunshine.
However it's all done and back to the grind and the daily routine.
It's back to normal but with some fond memories of Italy and Switzerland and the awsome Alps

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Criminally Insane

Crime doesn't pay but if you are interested in something other than money, does it matter?
Check out Mental Dental and Obsession of the Damned where the reason for committing crime has ab ulterior motive.
Sadistic and perverse, the damage caused by the unholy trio of evil dentists is a 'must read'
You won't regret it and may even enjoy it enough to review it. Others have and left their appreciation for these books.
Murder most horrid but must be read in the right sequence.
Mental Dental (MBP) and follow up with Obsession of the Damned.
Persecution of innocence that is perfect for summer.

Don't worry, here's the link RPGBOOKS

Friday, 14 July 2017

Dentistry gone criminal and dangerous

If,like me, you really hate going to the dentist--this mystery of serial killing dentists is just for you--the "accidental" deaths are so over the top that they are really funny... A great read for modern times
Mental Dental
Paperback and Kindle version if you want to read it now

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Ancient tales intertwined in imagination

I have always had an interest in ancient mythology.. Román, Egyptian and Greek in the main. This inspired me to write Phobic Wars
I am just watching a great documentary on BBC 4 - Atlantis: the evidence - a time watch special. This has just reminded me why I wrote it and what inspired me. I have been lucky enough to visit both Egyptian and Cretian places of historical significance like the Nike and it's temples as well as Knosos in Crete. Minoan society may well have been linked to the Atlantian one, so probably the closest I would get to the ancient culture.
They were awsome and an inspiration to visit.
Furthermore, originating from Gibraltar, Atlantis has always fascinated me.
Was Atlantis destroyed as a punishment by the God's, sending a Tsunami 65 feet high, eruptions and quakes, cataclysmic disasters that would destroy the ancient societies of the world in the BC era?

Phobic Wars is an apocalypse inspired tale that takes the reader close to the edge of a repeat of the devastating effects of annoying the God's and messing with nature.
The story describes a fictional twist that may have happened...  Why not?

It is fiction and written to be enjoyed. Nuclear power in ancient times? Well it is fiction after all.
Plato wrote about some memorable stories that set the rise and fall of Atlantis. It captures our imagination, despite an absence of hard evidence.

Throw In some yucky bugs and mythical creatures with a resulting powerful read... Phobic Wars

I have written a few books and although it needs revision, I urge you to read this and share the legend.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

A story with guts...

Obsession of the Damned
A thriller with charisma
A book with a hook and a tireless heroine. Different to anything else you may have read.
A story of extremes and twists, worth a moment to find on Amazon.
Authored by yours truly... It's a must.

How to find it and what to do...
1 go on Amazon
2 find the book title... Obsession of the Damned
3 read and let your imagination take you in

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Killer Obsession

Obsession of the Damned
This is my latest contribution to the literature world.
It is a strong story that follows on from Mental Dental (Murder by Proxy).
This story is full of twists and turns, cliffhangers and flights of ideas. It is crammed into this easy to read format and its sole purpose is to conjure up what obsession can lead to.
Download it and enjoy the ride.
Available on kindle and paperback format... A book like no other!
Guaranteed to blow your mind.

It needs some more likes so please help me get this out there and enjoyed by leaving your reviews.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017


Take a look at @Hospitalghosty's Tweet: ghosts

Readers Survey

Dear reader...
Please see the attached and give it a spin. It's a short survey of the stories published..

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Shadows on the wall

Book snippets
Shadows on the wall ...

Suddenly, the room became unbearably cold now and the scented candle extinguished itself. ‘That is very strange?’ she reflected.
However, little did she know what was to transpire?
From the corner of the room, she noticed a smoky black figure appear. It was tall and big but there were no distinct features to identify it as anything in particular. It was simply a blackness that grew in front of her now gaping eyes.
It glided across her small room stopping momentarily as if looking straight at her and then moved on until it disappeared through the wall opposite to where it originated.
Natalie was frozen to the spot. Confused, bewildered and very scared, she was focused on its sinister sequence with no logical explanation to hand she clutched her quilted bed cover closer to her face, covered up in a protective huddle.
A strong smell of burning accompanied the apparition.
It was a spectral encounter for sure. The adrenaline surge now kicked in as she jolted up on the bed and starred at the wall. There was nothing there now. ‘It must have been a figment of my imagination’ the young doctor thought, trying to distinguish logic from a mirage brought on by tiredness. Her rationalization made sense however this did not account for the candle, the light flickering, the cold… as she pondered on this, just as suddenly the smoky figure was standing in her room again. This time, its features were more evident. It was a man, or a figure resembling a man. Caped and sporting a big hat on his head, the appearance similar to a cavalier of old. The apparition was centered on the wall where it had disappeared. Again a sudden drop in ambient temperature and the smell of burning accompanied it. The burning smell was that of flesh. The ghostly dark figure now hovered toward Natalie, and screeched as it came nearer. Her response was to scream and jump out of the bed, propelling herself to the door of her room and pulling on the door knob to release her from her captivity. It was strange because despite the extreme coldness, the doorknob felt scorching hot and she released it immediately. It was then she felt the most helpless she had ever done. Her end was near, or so she thought. The ghost seemed to follow her and she felt trapped and endangered when the door suddenly opened and one of the neighbouring nurses boyfriends was at the door, pushing it open and enquiring if she was okay. ‘Thank god you opened the door’ a stuttering and shocked Natalie exclaimed. ‘Well we heard screams and wondered what was going on?’ Rob, the boyfriend replied. ‘Are you okay? You look like you’ve seen a ghost’. ‘Yes, I think I have’ she replied and grabbed hold of the young man and cried into his shoulder. Michelle, the nurse next door was now at the doorway, only witnessing this crying young doctor, grasping her precious boyfriend and wondered what on earth was going on. Rob gesticulated at Michelle as if to say ‘give her some space’ as they led her to the communal kitchen. Michelle held her hand as she sat in the safety of relative strangers as Natalie now retold her short but terrible ordeal whilst sipping a small brandy. Michelle had been in the hospital accommodation for over two years and confessed to have heard this same story before. Natalie was shocked to hear that two previous occupiers of her lodgings had left suddenly following visitations from this cloaked smoky apparition.
They had even given him a nickname; he was known as the “Caped Cavalier”.
This was far from funny to the over tired and shocked Natalie.
She was upset and no one had warned her of any malevolence or ghosts in her residence when she had pitched up the week before.
‘Well it’s something you don’t tend to advertise if you want to make some money from rent’ an insensitive Rob uttered and stopped by Michelle’s look, before he said anything else that was equally as unhelpful!

Friday, 9 June 2017

Post election blues

Another election, another vote and... We still find the UK in disarray, confusion and lack of direction.
How do I feel? Deflated and lost.
Why? No stability and austerity embedded in the very divided country.
BREXIT and a hung parliament... Lack of organisational assurance and lack of belief.

How will anything transform the current situation?
Our precious NHS is at risk, educational reform still chaotic and we are drifting into a turbulent period, alone.

Watch this space.
Pray for sense and hope...

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Wicked Kindle Book

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Monday, 22 May 2017

Demonic Battles

This is one of the stories within The Ultimate Phantasms in the Infirmary...

Demonic Battles
It was a cold and dark night on the wards of St Augustine. The wards were silent as the inpatient population slept with the trustworthy watchful eyes of the nurses looking after them to rely on.
The silence was broken by the odd cough and windy escape from the patients as they relaxed into a slumber. All was uneventful and calm.
Gail, who was on one of the night shift, sat at the nurses’ station with her knitting on her lap as she created another matinée gown for her next grandchild, labouring away on hot clicking knitting needles as she industrially, conjured up another masterpiece. The clicking of the needles was rhythmic as she twisted the wool around the sharp long spines as she “knitted and pearled” the garment into shape.
Louise, her colleague, sat in the dim light, reading her novel and automatically answering the occasional yes and no to Gail’s intermittent conversation, trying hard to concentrate on her book. As the couple sat aimlessly waiting for a call buzzer or a patient groan to attend to, there was an almighty crash from the end of the ward.
Gail hurled her knitting paraphernalia clumsily on the desk, in total disregard of dropping a stitch and braced herself for a dash down the corridor, Louise did the same.

‘What in heaven’s name was that?’ remarked Louise, surprised by the sudden clamour. They both simultaneously lifted up of their comfy seats, nearly crashing heads at the sudden start and headed towards the source of the disturbance.
Not a further word was said as the flashlights were switched on and they purposefully propelled themselves down the long, dark corridor, like two sentinels looking for a break-in, shinning the beam of light from one direction to another, trying to source the ruckus.
It was at that point that they both noticed a dim bluish light emanating from the patient in bed eleven. It was not the patient but something indistinguishable, something hovering over the head of the bed.
‘What the fu..?’ exclaimed Louise, chocked into not finishing her uncouth exclamation.
‘Oh my god, what is it?’ replied Gail but there was no answer from her colleague.
Both nurses were experienced night shift workers and had seen a lot over the years but they had never encountered anything like this before. The Bluish tinge was ill defined and was emanating from the wall, it was impossible to determine what it was but it stood out of the ordinary and seemed like a human form but only partially human, it seemed to be a floating torso that was focusing on the patient who lay helpless and seemingly asleep beneath the apparition.

Mr Warren, the patient on bed eleven, had been an inpatient for the last three days, was an elderly man who had been transferred to the surgical ward with acute bowel obstruction, undergone surgery and was now recovering.
So why was this “thing” picking on him? They wondered about this as they tried to make sense of the unbelievable spectacle that they now faced. It was unusual in every way and unearthly to the extreme, frightening and ghoulish. As they hurried toward the figure, it must have sensed the oncoming rush of the two staff members coming to the patient’s rescue and it deliberately turned to face them. Both ladies were now frozen to the spot, petrified at encountering this unearthly spectre. It was soul and ugly to say the least.
Sunken eyes within a now well defined angry face, mouth snarling and the eyes focused on the two innocent nurses. The eyes were evil and piercing. Its arms were outwardly reaching for the patient’s face, as if wanting to extinguish the poor man’s life, suffocation was possibly it’s intention?
Gail shone the strong beam of light straight at it and the result was to make the demonic appearance angrier as it swooped further into the ward from the wall that had previously housed it and it turned more definitively towards them, as if ready for battle.
‘Shit, what do we do now?’ exclaimed Louise as Gail went into automatic pilot… She was wildly flaying her arms about, shooing it away and nervously talking to it.
‘In the name of god almighty, leave the poor man alone’ ‘Go away, shoo you ugly bastard’ as she lashed her arms at it in quick succession, as if in an attempt to push it away from her patient.
This did not seem to have much impact as it now stood in front of them, no longer floating horizontally but standing up to them, vertically and slowly making its way towards them, threatening the custodians of the ward. Both nurses were now very afraid but they were there to protect their patients although no book in their respective training courses had ever prepared for dealing with demons or ghosts. This was new ground and it was a sharp learning curve they faced. To make matters worse, Mr Warren was now awake, shaking in his bed as he could see the battle between good and evil was being fought over him. ‘Please don’t let it take me away, I don’t want to go with it, please’ he cried.
Soon the whole bay of patients was awake from the commotion and although they were mostly elderly patients, they got up off their beds and rallied round their nurses. They threw pillows at it, kicked and hit out at this being. The makeshift teamwork was having an effect as it now seemed to be confused and lacked the previous malevolent focus it had demonstrated. This dark force was now looking around at all the participants, trying to hit back when suddenly it turned back and jumped through the solid wall where it had originally appeared and now thankfully disappeared. It was all very quick, from the furore and commotion to sudden silence. Louise and Gail shook as much as Mr Warren was shaking and quaking, firmly cocooned in his bed with the bed covers around him like a protective shield. The three battling patients, Mr Jackson, Mr Williams and Mr McIver, although slightly dishevelled and confused, had helped the staff in battle and had won. The dark matter that had battled with them had vanished. ‘I don’t know what that was dear but can we do something about not having them back again, my leg is killing me’ Mr McIver said. ‘So is my back’ replied Mr Williams. Mr Jackson was now sitting on the side of his bed and just said ‘that was the most exercise I have had in years, reminded me of the old days when I boxed in the army’. Louise and Gail smiled and thanked them all, helped them back into bed and made them all a warm drink to help them rest.

Mr Warren was a nervous wreck, unable to settle and wondering why he had been the target of this evil apparition. Of course there were no answers available at this point but they would of course report this and protect them all. Gail and Louise checked the patient’s observations and once satisfied there was nothing unduly wrong with them physically; they left the battling geriatrics and made their way to the nurses’ station to write their reports. As both baffled nurses worked their way to the office, they could not help but ponder on the events that had just taken part in. There were no explanations; there were no solutions or plans just questions. The main questions being what were that and what was it doing with Mr Warren?
They sat and sipped on a coffee that Louise had made them both and wrote down the reports. They read them and agreed that it did not make any sense but they had written facts, however hard to believe, they were facts.
‘Ghosts and ghouls should not feature on patient notes but this is an exception’ said Gail.
‘In all my years I have never felt so frightened, helpless and vulnerable’ she continued. ‘
Thank god the other patients came to our assistance, otherwise who knows what would have been the resulting outcome, brrrr, frightening’ Louise shuddered.
‘I’d better check on the old fellow, Mr Warren, poor old soul’ Gail said. Louise continued to pen her account and Gail made her way down the corridor of the ward. All was well, or so it seemed. Everyone was asleep and as she gently approached Mr Warren, she noticed he was still. He was more still than he should have been as she waited for his chest to rise and take a breath. This was never to happen again. Gail became very upset as she now felt for a pulse or any sign of life... He was dead. She shone her torch on the cold and lifeless corpse and noted his pallor and strangely distorted face, eyes fixed towards the wall where the spectre had originated from. Whatever the result of the last few minutes were, either it was too much for this frail elderly person to take or…. The demon had been back to reclaim the soul he had targeted.

Has this wet your appetite for more?
If the answer is yes, read on by clicking the link to my terrifying book.. The Ultimate Phantasms in the Infirmary

Things that go bump in the night

Hands up I'd you have never heard of a spooky hospital story!
I thought as much, not many.
We've all heard them and some may have even experienced some.

What about the other stuff you can't just quantity?

We've all had them... That shudder up your spine when something isn't just right.
That chill of fright that is especially strong at night.
The sudden noise or unearthly sight, especially strong in a hospital at night.

Hospitals are buildings full of pain, grief and death.
No other place brings us so close to our own mortality than these institutions.
Ghosts, hauntings, spectral activity and poltergeists galore.
Malevolent spiritual beings and the white angels alike.
Care to visit? Visiting times are now open but... Be brave, the stories will keep you awake and in a high state of alertness.
They are stories, myths and legends in a collection of books you will enjoy.

Phantasms in the Infirmary Vol I and Vol II plus a little more in the Ultimate Phantasms in the Infirmary is a collection of short stories involving spooky goings on in all hospitals.
It's set in one for the sake of the series but it does occur everywhere...

Check them out... If you dare by clicking here

See toy on the other side...!

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Anti-Lotto book

UK lottery is a staggering £22 millions.
Chances of winning are stacked against you...
Want a safe bet?
£$0.99 for the AntiLotto book Legally Lucky
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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Lottery winning formula

Legally Lucky is not a formula for winning millions, it is however a lovely story and it's on a kindle Countdown Deal from May 20th... So download it then

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Sunday, 7 May 2017

0.99 opportunity

0.99 for an entertaining read... Available on kindle now.
Check out the comedy and fun

Friday, 14 April 2017

Interview with C. P. Ridgeworth

This is a rare interview with Gibraltarian author Clara P Ridgeworth. She consented because we both originate from the rock, however I don't know her true identity... We will hopefully find out a little more about why.

Q: Thanks Clara, tell us a little bit about you.
CP : well, I am from Gibraltar, I have written 6 books and Clara P Ridgeworth is obviously not my name, this is a pen name solely due to the contentious nature of Battle of the three miles.

Q: Why have you taken these steps?
CP: I am am based in the North East of England but all my family remain back home in Gibraltar.
I do not want any reprisals against them from our neighbours, Spain, because the book may cause a little tension in an otherwise volatile environment, exacerbated by BREXIT.

Q: can you give us a synopsis of the book, Battle for the three miles?
CP: It is simply every Gibraltarians nightmare, spanish splinter groups, an invasion by Spanish forces and the ensuing battle for that peninsula we call home. It is a work of fiction but a little too close to the truth, especially now...
It takes place on Gibraltar National Day, to make it more poignant and centred on heroism, unity, brotherhood and conviction.

Q:is it anti - Spanish?
CP: No, not at all, quite the converse..
It is a political action thriller that may be a little off type for a woman to write but it's there and I needed to write it.
In reality, the he people of the Campo de Gibraltar all live quite well and freely, they are not to blame or involved in the violence, they unite against the oppressors, show solidarity, brotherhood and friendship.
The cause stems from Madrid and fascist feelings erupting into this. Like I said before, it is not far from the truth as to what is happening at the moment back home.
I would hate to add cause to this but again if I can inspire brotherhood and friendship that can extinguish any thoughts of this, then my job is done.

Q:I've read it and it's a great story but it must be difficult to promote it if you don't want to be recognised?
CP: this is a nightmare, I rely on others to push the book out to others.
I am on twitter with the pseudonym but other social media marketing is more difficult.

Q: Are you writing anything else now?
CP: I am, however under my normal author name. It is a comedy so different to Battle for the three miles.

Thank you and food luck with the book.
For those interested in getting a copy of Battle for the three miles... Click here


Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Sunday, 2 April 2017


Harlow council posted something on Facebook about using the municipal dump instead of dumping stuff anywhere.... How ironic, given today's circumstances, no wonder people fly-tip!

Being a Sunday, the municipal dump gets busy, so the queue was long, so as I only had two items to dispose of, I parked my car on an area outside the municipal dump and walked to the gates.

As I to walk into the municipal dump with a couple of items I was be confronted by a security man, in a dump, ironic!!
What precious things was he guarding? Not sure but I accepted the presence of this person.

Anyway, he addressed me and stopped me and others going in because of 'health and safety'. He stated that no walk-in's were allowed. I was a walk in now.

Someone was run over last week apparently and therefore no walk-in's allowed.

I asked the individual to let me in for a moment (after all, I am able to follow green cross codes etc...) plus I was only two or three metres from the target destination and I would not be crossing a road or anything.. Again, I asked him to be reasonable.

He again asked me not to and when I argued, he then stated I was Queue jumping and if I did not like the rules not to use the facility.. I reminded him of a fact that I was paid for the use of this in my council tax.
He didn't care, he was there to blindly keep a rule that had no sense or substance to it and just be obstructive, unhelpful and a nuisance.

I walked away, despite the urge to leave him with the 6 foot broken blind and an old washing basket as an added adornment to the numerous piercings he sported. Alas, I didn't...

The sad ironic thing is this will increase fly-tipping and just because one individual was careless, the variables were stacked against him on the day, we now all had to suffer the 'little Hitler' enforcing unreasonable rules.

Was I aggrieved, what do you think?

Sunday, 19 March 2017

The Dental deranged...

“Killer dentists jailed for life” was the headline on the front of newspapers and internet feeds across the world.
Lambe, Collins and Brian had indiscriminately killed for their amusement and sick pleasure. They had managed to terrorise communities, for most of their time, undetected.
However the net had closed in on them.
All good things do come to he who waits and justice had prevailed. They had been held on remand whilst the case was built and this had been three months in the waiting.

The three ruthless criminals were in the dock, facing their destiny and comeuppance. 
Lambe and Brian were smirking and laughing madly at the crowd. They stole a defiant kiss from each other before being separated by one of the security men.
Collins was crying, wrecked by the life as a convicted   murderer that he now faced. They were now condemned criminals. Gone were the luxuries and trappings of the lifestyles they had been accustomed to, gone were the privileges and perversions.
Also vanished was the chance to harm anyone else in a dental clinic ever again... The judge, Mr Justice Bowles, said “take them down‟ in a stern voice that echoed across the quiet crown court that soon erupted in relief and jubilation from the gallery.
No one was more relieved than Dr Jessie Stark, the heroic dentist who had uncovered the sinister trio and although deaths aplenty had come about, she surely had prevented many more.
She had set off on her investigative journey on the back of the accusations of murder Jessie herself had to endure thanks to the malevolent trio. Now, society was safer and she was proven innocent. It had been no mean feat to establish a link between the otherwise sporadic murders and capture the evidence to ensure the net was cast over the killers.
She, Dr Jessie Stark, a dentist, had single handed, done what a whole department of detectives, trained in their investigative craft, had failed to accomplish. The press had revelled in the shocking story that had happened in the heart of middle England and sold countless copies of their periodicals on the back of society’s innate morbid curiosity. It certainly was an innovative and poignant story revealing the deficits and flaws in systems that should have safeguarded the victims as well as the errors of judgement from the authorities in their investigation of the crimes. Stephen Lambe, a.k.a. Adam Shaw and his fellow accomplices Felix Collins and Gemma Brian were found guilty for the deaths of nineteen patients, four Polish builders and the two dental health professionals that had lost their lives as a result of their psychopathic yet clever murderous spree.

They were the catalysts of death and mayhem. They had managed to inflict all this chaos and murderous acts via other people, innocent victims being dispatched by blameless perpetrators whilst they remained righteous and undetected. They were however not undetectable and this is where the resilience and strength of the wrongly accused Jessie Stack was needed. She was determined to go that extra mile and establish the truth. The serial killers had claimed countless lives and got away with it until she intervened. However, they had been caught now and all they had to look forward to was prison life.
A long time behind bars, they were to serve several concurrent life sentences in the penal system, obeying rules and paying society back for their monstrous misdemeanours.  This was going to be hard on at least Collins, he was weak.
Brian and Lambe would find it easier as they were more resilient and savvy but even so, their time could not be as easy as living in freedom and wanting for nothing. Their lavish and extravagant lifestyles of drunken debauchery, sex, fast cars and expensive trimmings that their dentistry practices yielded had now stopped.
All their assets were confiscated by the state. This included their houses, cars, jewellery and hefty bank balances. Now they had no lifestyle trappings other than what the state provided as part of their term of incarceration. What now awaited them was a very long stretch of time, paying back their evil deeds to society, imprisoned and ensuring the general public was safe from them. After all, the sentence was life imprisonment with a minimum of forty years before parole was considered. The three would be in their eighties by the time their freedom was ever considered. They were sent to separate institutions in the prison system, “category A” prisoners, hazardous and dangerous. They would probably never see each other again and yet the harshness of their impending fate was just a joke and another badge of honour for Lambe and Brian. Collins, the weakest of the three and more the follower than the leader was devastated. They were bundled into separate security vans and sent to their new destinations and their solitary cell to start off with, claustrophobic, cold rooms with dimensions approximately 6 feet by 8 feet in size until they were found safe enough to share a cell with someone else. The three serial killer’s freedom had been withdrawn, they would now have no status other than what they earned, no privileges other than those granted to them and rules in abundance to adhere to. Life would never be the same again. More reassuringly for society, they would be kept separate, never to meet or encourage each other into crime again.
They were divided and conquered.

Well so it seems but this is just the start of the follow up to Mental Dental (MBP).
It would be a pretty short novel if it was... Obviously there is more to "Obsession of the Damned" and you will just have to download a copy to find out more about what happened next and more...!

Deception, drugs, death and destruction by the Dental deranged.
All within this killer thriller sequel

Macabre tales of hospital, supernaturally

Fancy being a little scared?
Does the occult and the horror genre interest you?
If the answer to the questions is yes, then keep your appointment with Phantasms in the Infirmary... Visiting time is open on 23rd March for 1 weeks availability... At 0.99
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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Drift away in a book

Reflect on the trials and tribulations of the day. Need to unwind?
What better way than drifting away with the aid of a great story...

My latest book offers the reader the opportunity to engage with the main character, Dr Jessie Stack fight for justice.

Obsession of the Damned Is available to you on paperback and digital formats.
You can escape into the world of fiction with one click.
It's a powerful murder mystery detective story. A continued saga battling murderous dentists.

Want to try it?
Download a taster by clicking on the link here and start the adventure.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Normality post murder

Obsession of the Damned starts with the aftermath of Mental Dental... Jessie Stack tries to return to the norm.
"The excitement she’d lived through and the limelight she had gained was not something she aspired to, solving murders was exhausting. Jessie was now a “Crime Busting Heroine” and although she wished to disremember the arduous months that had transpired she would never forget. People wouldn’t forget as society wouldn’t fail to recall the series of events and murders she had helped uncover and maybe she deserved this adoration but now all she wanted to do was blend in and disappear into mundane daily life"

Does she succeed or does something else happen?  Well obviously something else happened. There would not be a second book otherwise!

Download it and read it, it is a cracking book and I recommend it ...

Family fun in a short novel

Hilarity in the Hills

This is a fun book involving a family vacation and the lampooning that ensures a happy and different read.

If interested, wait a couple of days as it is on a kindle Countdown Deal from February 25th.

Yes, an opportunity to interact with your own copy for a measly £0.99 / $0.99.

Not a bad deal by a long chalk.

So why so cheap?
To be honest, I need the reviews and this is the best way to generate them.

So give an author a helping hand and treat yourself to this... Hilarity in the Hills.



Storm Doris is on the rampage... It's caused havoc everywhere,  including our back garden.
The photo is what's left of our posh gazebo!
The grandchildrens Wendy house has shifted and we also have a broken fence...  At least we are safe. 
An innocent lady was killed in Wolverhampton and the storm last weekend whilst visiting Gibraltar were worrying...  So much so,  we were on alert at the airport on the way home with the potential for our flight to be diverted or cancelled.
Global warming!

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Nail bitingly good odontophobia

How exciting!
How worrying!
Characters that come to life and kill...  Dentist murderers carefully crafted killings and seemingly undetectable until Dr Jessie Stack was implicated.
Decapitation, haemorrhagic horror..

Not only is it a bloody good story, it's only 0.99 on kindle at the moment.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Download Mental Dental (MBP)

You would be bonkers not to download this.... Mental Dental (Murder by Proxy)
Price madness for a murder mystery and mayhem packed book

For those who have downloaded it... Read, enjoy and please spare a moment to write a review... Reviews makes more readers

Thanks folks

Monday, 13 February 2017

Cracking read only £/$ 99

A cracker of a special book
Mental Dental
The prequel to Obsession of the Damned and a fascinating read.
It's described as ingenious and I thank those who say so.
It is intriguing and different.

A digital copy on kindle is available for the next few days only.
Do you really want to miss this opportunity to read a good book?

If you want to capitalise on this click on the link above.
Once you have read it, give it your honest review please.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

That feeling...

That feeling of satisfaction and thanks when you check for downloads of your books and note more have been selected.

Extended readership... What writing books is about

Friday, 10 February 2017

Happy endings

Looking for a soppy book with a happy ending?
If your answer is yes...  Then please DO NOT READ Mental Dental (MBP) and Obsession of the Damned.

The first two books of the unfinished trilogy.
There is a heroine, she does survive, at least in these books but is survival a worse fate than death?

A cliche but significant in the novels.
Learn what transpires to Dr Jessie Stack.
Deal with what she has to deal with.
Survive through intuitive detection.
Live the characters as they come alive in the books....  And die!

Murderous crime from the unexpected. Horrifically different and an ingenious plot that runs through the series.

Book three is getting written... However if you miss out on the first two, you won't get it and regret it.

Navigate to Amazon and endeavour to find them.
This is the first piece of detection.
Next is to choose your weapon- digital or paper?

Digital is cheaper and quicker to acquire, enabling you to get detecting and solving the many mysteries.

Once you have read them, it will leave you hungry for more... And I promise you, it's coming.

The unholy trilogy will be completed.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Thrilled at the charts climbing book but need reviews

My killer thriller novel Obsession of the Damned is being read and enjoyed by many.
It's slowly becoming a 'must read' for thrill seekers and murder mystery genre aficionados.

It makes sense to read Mental Dental (Murder by Proxy) first but Obsession of the Damned is a great stand alone novel.

The 5 star review it has is well deserved but it needs more readers to leave a review.

Once these start to accumulate, more readers will flock to it and enjoy the complexity of the story.

Road find it...  Click here

Sunday, 5 February 2017


Fantasmas en el Hospital
Un libro garantizado de darle escalofríos y dejarles miedosos...

Historias cortas de Fantasmas y monjas de la muerte...

Escrito en español pare ustedes.

Heche un momento en descubrir este libro y leer con ganas.

Hospital embrujado

My creations

They may not be perfect but they are mine.
They have been written with the intent to make the reader think, drift away, engage with the plot and characters.
They are being read and this is what matters.
They are being enjoyed and this is important too.
Most of all,  they exist!

Having the guts to write down your ideas, the strength of conviction to follow your project through from inception to delivery.. Bravery to dare.

If you have a book in you,  write it.

The critics only encourage and the plaudits help to expand our efforts.

Being Author

Write, inspire, keep going....

Friday, 3 February 2017

Deep thinking

Take a look at @Author_man_ram's Tweet:

Cheeky Cheeseburger

Three days left to go to get your hands on this story tellers compilation.
0.99 only
Digital copies of a special book for the price of a cheeky cheeseburger....

The Ultimate ghost story collection

Thursday, 2 February 2017


999 meets 666
Only 0.99
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200 pages... Well 198 actually

Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal

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Thw Ultimate Phantasms in the Infirmary

Monday, 30 January 2017

Killing for Pleasure

Provocation... NIL
Murder driven by a sick and perverse end.
Mental Dental (MBP) and the follow up book, Obsession of the Damned, an eye opening series of killing and deep detection.

I guarantee you'll have never read something like this before.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Contemporary Fiction

Fancy reading something new?  Something challenging and exciting?
Have a look at the range of stories available on my amazon author page.
There contemporary fiction to suit most tastes with clever plots and interesting characters.
Horror, crime, inspiration, comedy and hope are all to be found in the pages of my work.
Ideas that have been developed into a range of stories that are written for the 21st century.
From Legally Lucky to Obsession of the Damned and all in between...
Download, read and imagine.

Judging by the steady growth of the readership, my books are being enjoyed by more people every week... In digital and paperback format

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Interview with RPGBooks Author

Author interviews....
Here's the latest: 2017
Chatting about books, marketing, writing, publishing and media engagement. 

Friday, 20 January 2017

Healthy Mental Dental Duo

As an author, one puts one's feelings and ideas on paper for all to see...  Full exposure.
It is with great pride to see that Mental Dental (MBP) and Obsession of the Damned are doing really well.
Good reviews, good sales = increased readership... #Proud

Thursday, 19 January 2017


Mi libro está en venta en Amazon Kindle... Y solo cuesta 0.99
Por favor heche un vistazo y compré este gran libro llenito de historias de terror Fantasmas en el Hospital

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Harlow Heritage piece

Here's a @yourharlow heritage piece about living in Harlow.
I was asked to give an interview as to why I live here and what made me stay.
Harlow is a New Town in Essex that celebrates 70 years this year.

Enjoy the link

Tuesday, 17 January 2017


Obsession of the Damned got its first review... 5 stars

'An amazing sequel to the brilliant Mental Dental (Murder By Proxy)"

By Heather Walsh on 16 January 2017
Verified Purchase
An amazing sequel to the brilliant Mental Dental (Murder By Proxy). A cracking good read with many unexpected twists that kept me gripped. This author is now high up on my list of favourite authors.

Thank you so much for your support and review Heather xx

Monday, 16 January 2017

First reviewer

Obsession of the Damned
My latest book and a great seller but needs to be investigated and reviewed.
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Obsession of the Damned Is everything a good thriller should be... Clever, Original, intelligent, innovative and will guarantee to keep you on your toes throughout.

Read, enjoy and share your experiences with the world...

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Five stars again...

New 5 star rating review for Mental Dental (Murder by Proxy)

By Heather Walsh on 13 January 2017

Verified Purchase
This is the first book that I have read by this very talented writer. The storyline is incredibly intriguing and the characters well developed. This review is short and sweet because I have just downloaded the sequel Obsession of the Dammed and I want to get started on it right away. Fabulous book.

Thanks Heather xx

Saturday, 14 January 2017


Interview today with @yourharlow about living in Harlow as a heritage piece and also about books, marketing and media... Will be posted on YouTube and will update when on.