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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Ghost of Christmas

Kindle Countdown Deal is planned for and scheduled for 1st December.

It will only cost 0.99 on both and sites...  So for the new ghosts of Christmas past and present... Download a copy of The Ultimate Phantasms in the Infirmary

Christmas reads

Sunday, 27 November 2016

A great selection to choose from

RPG Books... Has a vast array of books available to choose from.
There are horror stories, thrillers, a comedy and a book on life!

Checkout my author page on Amazon to get either a paperback or Kindle copy.

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There's even English or Spanish on the menu...


Saturday, 26 November 2016

Murder mystery

A perfect murder in the making?
Dr Jessie Stack faces the next challenge... Read all about this killer thriller sequel
Obsession of the Damned

Also available in ebook format on Amazon Kindle worldwide 

Friday, 25 November 2016

Black Friday inspired Deal

We have been inundated with black Friday deals...  So here is another one of these...
Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal for 0.99
Legally Lucky...  Only a couple of reviews on the USA site but 10 more to take a punt on in the UK site...
Anyway, under a dollar click

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Black Friday Book Bonanza

Black Friday inspired Deal
Book bonanza
Under a dollar or pound.....

Make it your own 

Legally Lucky...

Monday, 21 November 2016


Bargain hunters... A Novel on Kindle Countdown Deal...

Less than a Dollar $
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A very unique and readable book at 0.99

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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Up the rankings.. Blockbuster Movie waiting to be made

Legally Lucky was my first novel.
It has been well received and it has sold some.
However, even if I say so myself,  it's not has the acclaim I hoped it would receive.
Being a self published author, I have not marketed my work as much as I could have,  that doesn't help!
However, it is a fantastic read and the opportunity to read it for 0.99 is upon us.
Kindle Countdown Deal on and is available again.
I hope you can consider downloading a copy of it?

Amazon trending and the way Amazon works would then allow more readers to engage with the story.
So how do we do this...
If 50 people were to download a bargain copy of Legally Lucky and then post a review on Amazon, the book would chart higher and allow others earlier access to Legally Lucky.

Help it get read,  it's morality and underlying story are important for all of us.

Live for the moment.
Click and Download

My first novel... Available to download for 0.99

My first novel and still an enjoyable different read.
Legally Lucky is a story of success and deceit, failure and gain.
Polarity throughout the book with sentiment, live and flirtation with excess.
A millionaires life may not all be rosy and fun.
It's been compared to a fusion of slum dog millionaire with in the pursuit of happiness.
Read it, enjoy it and judge for yourself.

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Why 0.99 on kindle?
Two reasons :to get reviews in exchange and the other, to introduce you to my work.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Inspired to write about ghosts in hospitals

I always remember my first stint of night duty as a fresh green 1st year nursing student.
It was in the old colonial hospital in Gibraltar, also known as St Bernard's hospital.
It was an ancient building, full of history and stories of ghostly apparitions aplenty.
I was working on the male medical ward., John ward.
It was an acute medical ward taking admissions of all sorts, Cardiac, Respiratory, Gastro etc.
Shirts were from 8pm to 8am and there were only 2 of us on duty on a night shift with the night sister popping around at 10pm and 2am on her rounds.

The shift had been particularly eventful and we'd had two deaths on the ward that night.

8am was approaching and the day shift were trickling in.  Pale and bleary eyed from a nights sleep, we looked pale and bleary eyed from the lack of sleep.
The charge nurse asked how the night had panned out?
I gave him a quick summary,  including the two deaths and what he said after changed me.
'Did you see the Nun? '
' what Nun? ' was my reply... Intrigued.
He continued to tell me the story of the Nun of Death that appeared every time someone passed away on the ward.

I never did get to see her but she inspired me to write Phantasms in the Infirmary decades later.
The story also made me very uneasy on night shifts from then on...  Unsurprisingly!

First book is available in Spanish too.. 

Here is a link to my author page on Amazon

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Have I told you lately...

That I love you!!!
Lol,  only kidding.
The Van Morrison song is only a teaser to get your attention.

The real reason I have asked is... Have I told you lately... About my books?
Of course I have.
Legally Lucky, Phobic Wars, Mental Dental, Obsession of the damned, Phantasms in the Infirmary and the others.
All can be accessed by clicking on the Amazon website.

Van Morrison not included though.
Happy reading.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Glimpse into the content of Obsession

A look inside Obsession of The Damned...
This is part of chapter 2 and to five it some context,  it is following the evil three, the trilogy of terror as they get sent to prison...

Two long hours after setting off from the Old Bailey, handcuffed and sat in the cramped transport hold within it, doors closed, no windows or breeze, a hot light in close proximity making the journey more uncomfortable and claustrophobic. The van finally stopped meaning they had arrived at their destination.
The drama of the court hearing behind him, Felix Collins, handcuffs by the wrists, a broken and disgraced man, was helped off his seat and stood up as felt the relief of the cramped journey drain from his legs. He was escorted to the back of the transport vehicle which now had the rear door open and he squinted as the sunlight hit his eyes that had endured two long hours of sensory deprivation.
‘Mind your step prisoner’ the driver coldly directed himself as he ushered Collins off the vehicle and down the three steps to the ground.
Collins clumsily complied, the circulation still not fully restored to his cramped legs, as he looked around and saw they were within the prison grounds.
There were towering metal fences and high concrete walls casting long shadows on the rough gravelled terrain beneath him. The construction of this edifice was definitely centred on keeping the prisoners in and the public safe. Collins gulped as the point of no return and realisation hit him. He was now in the prison system and at risk from villains, murderers, rapists and the like he was not used to. Gone was the possibility of choice, he would not have the safety of his unholy trilogy to keep him safe. No support from his fellow conspirators to direct him and he was now alone, something he did not like to admit to himself but had to face.

A short walk later, they were at the first of many doors that opened for him and then banged shut after him. The transport officer handed him over to a prison officer and his handcuffs were removed and his journey into hell continued.
The cuffs coming off were a relief, the hairs and skin under them had been uncomfortable for hours but he had no control or way of relieving the discomfort, now there was finally some.

The escorting officer held Collins by the elbow directing him through the doors and passageways, a maze of concrete that was quickly suffocating him as he went further in.
He walked down the cold corridors and finally taken to a small room. Collins was asked to strip naked.

‘Remove your clothing and put it in this bag Collins’ the guard said.

This was not a request but an order, he still needed to get used to being spoken to in this manner.

There was no politeness and just cold hard statements.

Want to find out more and read the story from cover to cover,  then download Obsession of The Damned.
You can get a paperback copy too.

Book Revolution

Can we create a revolution? Can we rock the establishment?
Can we boost a new book to number one?
Yes we can.


Simply because of the characters,  content and ingenuity of the story that  Obsession of the Damned offers.

Make a new book take a life of its own.

Obsession of the Damned
A powerful murder mystery masterpiece.
The follow up to Mental Dental and well written to boot.

It's a brilliant and enjoyable escape from the reality of the world.

It's needed to rock the industry.
It's Obsession of the Damned...

Check it out on Amazon.

Life, the Universe and Everything

Douglas Adams wrote
'The Answer to the Great Question... Of Life, the Universe and Everything... Is... Forty-two'

Obsession of the Damned provides you with no wisdom...  Just entertaining fiction in the form of an intriguing murder mystery thriller.

Worth the time in reading it 
So go to your local Amazon website and get a copy of Obsession of The Damned.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Promising interest

Obsession of the Damned
Lots of interest being generated in this novel... Possibly a Blockbuster!
Can't wait to see the first review #promising

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Massage the imagination & paint pictures in your head.

Reading fiction.
Choosing fiction is a wrestle of the mind.
Fiction doesn’t solve any of life’s problems – other than an escape from boredom.
It will not give you a heads up on managing your life.
Fiction will not solve any of your problems and it will not fix your bank balance.
Fiction will provide an evolving image,  a unique story as well as interesting characters.
The story will send your mind on an imaginative journey, pictures, created in your head and coloured by your feelings evoked by the words on the pages.
Escapism and entertainment are the aims.
Hoping to realise that momentary freedom from the stresses and pressures of life, relationships, work, reality.
Reality is important but do we need to be engaged and totally immersed in it 24/7?
All these noxious stimuli can be so destructive and all consuming we all need respite.

A great work of fiction allows our minds to meander,  taking our souls on a journey of unimportant stuff! Unimportant but therapeutic wanderings non the less.
However fiction can be instructive, inspirational and educational. It can be exciting and also calming.

Having written a few books now, if I expand on Legally Lucky, my first novel : it was written with a view to entertain and inspire the reader to live their lives in the moment, balance what was important and be less materialistic.
It focuses on the joys of life and prioritising happiness over money.
The reviews are few but it was well received and although a naive book in some ways, a great reminder to engaging with life.

Fiction is to me a way of getting a thrill without climbing a cliff face or standing on the edge of a precipice. It should increase the readers heart rate without endangering the readers life.

With this, I invite you to read and enjoy the novels on my Amazon page.

They are works of fiction and will entertain.
They are not heavy going and will probably not take too many hours to read.  One thing I guarantee, they will paint those pictures in your head and massage your imagination.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Fantasmas Españoles

I thought of you when I read this quote from "Fantasmas en el Hospital (Phantasms in the Infirmary) (Spanish Edition)" by Ram Gulrajani, Julie Gulrajani, Goretti Garcia-Santos - "A lo largo de la vida de San Augusto ha habido numerosos rumores de apariciones fantasmales, extrañas luces, sonidos y ruidos sobrenaturales, penetrantes gritos de ultratumba y sombras extrañas en muchas de las habitaciones, departamentos y pasillos que se ocultaban dentro del viejo edificio. Esa sensación de "no estar solo", de que había "algo más" allí estaba siempre presente. El edificio parecía estar poseído y muchos de sus habitantes compartían ese sentimiento negativo y desconcertante. Había copiosas historias de objetos moviéndose por su cuenta, impulsándose por sí mismos a través de superficies que carecían de cualquier explicación lógica. Había historias de actividad poltergeist en abundancia, fantasmagóricos pesos pesados en su mejor momento o en su peor. Dependía de las opiniones de los testigos. Las leyendas locales y numerosas historias hablaban de la desaparición de partes y piezas de equipos, objetos personales del paciente e incluso alimentos. Algunas de las historias hablaban de cosas que desaparecían repentinamente sin razón aparente o explicación en presencia de testigos visuales. La gente había experimentado ruidos espeluznantes e inexplicables del más allá, suelos chirriantes y sonidos de pasos que no tenían fuente de origen física aparente o visible. Esto no era todo. Había cambios bruscos de temperatura, que no concordaban con el tiempo de la estación y estaban asociadas a ciertas áreas de alta actividad espectral. Entornos escalofriantemente fríos que eran experimentados de repente por el personal o los pacientes, apareciendo y desapareciendo en cuestión de minutos, como una vis"
Start reading this book for free:

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

President Clinton or Trump

Clinton V Trump has been never ending and relentless.
It's time to take your mind off the presidential election eccentricities and distract yourself with a very readable book...
On the menu: Hilarity in the Hills, Mental Dental (MBP), Phantasms in the Infirmary Vol I and Vol II plus The Ultimate Phantasms in the Infirmary, Legally Lucky and on special... Obsession of the Damned!
Navigate to your local Amazon website and search for Ram Gulrajani,  disregard the memory chips offered and look up these books.  Next steps,  purchase, devour and enjoy.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Ghost stories at 0.99

Phantasms in the Infirmary Vol II is reduced at the moment for a few more days
Click on the link below and get a copy of it for 0.99 only

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Tweet tweet and news

Take a look at @Author_man_ram's Tweet:

Prison Mayhem

Obsession of the Damned
Revenge from the imprisoned fellowship of fear...  The killer trio of dentists seek their obsessive vengeance on Jessie Stack, the heroine of the preceeding novel, Mental Dental (MBP).
The results will leave you stunned and glued to the book.
Murder most horrid and psychological mind games are aplenty...
You have to read it

#SerialKiller #dentists #book2 on Amazon Kindle and paperback format

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Discount code for your Obsession

Discount codes at CreateSpace for $2.00 off at the checkout for a copy of Obsession of The Damned is


Make the best of it..  Order a copy now

Friday, 4 November 2016

Obsession of the Damned. Beautifully created drama

Obsession of The Damned
I have written and published a few books now. All of them have their own individual charm, originality and enjoyment factor but none more so than Mental Dental (Murder by Proxy). 
Mental Dental (MBP) was my third book and still one of my favourites. Why? Well it is an ingenious and original work involving killer dentists and their seemingly undetectable crimes.
Mental Dental (MBP) can be described as a gripping novel  “The Usual Suspects meets Dentistry”.
It is an enthralling and entangling story line dotted with clever deaths and psychopathic goings on in need of detection and need to be stopped.

Mental Dental (MBP) is a unique story that will keep you guessing and hooked from start to finish. It is full of differing streams and takes the reader into a roller coaster ride of mystery, crime and mayhem.
The main character of the story struggles against all odds to overcome her status of murder suspect to becoming the heroine of the story.
This is a nail biting thriller full of twists and turns, one you need to get your teeth into to (pun intended). 
Following the sudden and unexpected death of a patient on the dentist chair in her practice, Dr Jessie Stack is facing her worst nightmare. Discredited and facing incarceration, she has to try and fathom out what really happened, 
Accused of murder, her world in a spin, she now has to try and beat the charge and uncover the truth. 
She embarks on a journey of discovery and detection to try to solve the sinister psychopathic plot that is truly to blame and catch the menacing yet innovative perpetrators... 

Mental Dental (MBP) is a challenge of the mind, your mind, pitching your detective skills to try and unravel the conundrum Jessie Stark faces. 

The reviews are few but the feedback encouraging. 
There a lot of tongue in cheek and irregular cold killing but a compelling read none the less.
As an author, this is the book I enjoyed writing the most and has certainly struck a chord with many readers, receiving great reviews. Although it has to yet sell the millions of copies I aspire to sell, it is a great story and will hopefully spurn more readers as it gets better known.
I have planned to write a sequel for a while.

Well here it is in the form of Obsession of the damned, MDMBP II.

This is the continuity of where the original left off and follows the story through to the next intriguing phase. It is: “what happened next” and hopefully equally as compelling and entertaining.

As with its predecessor, it is a work of fiction and as much as I enjoy writing it, it is a story and not “a manual for killers” so I hope it does not inspire anyone to copy the methods.

The twists and urns are accompanied by cliff hangers and unexpected changes that will keep you on your toes.
Its a short book but I hope you will agree, a must read nonetheless.

I hope this becomes a great read however reading the first part is crucial and necessary to make this even more compelling.

Interested in acquiring a copy?
Well download it from your local Amazon link or get a hard copy inn paperback..

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Winter warmers

Winter chills are upon us once again. Facing the outside environment is necessary but it's really nice to curl up with a good book and hibernate from the cold.
If you fancy some clever reading, navigate to your Amazon page and have a look at my author page.
A choice of fiction that will fulfil your seasonal requirements.
When you do read one or more, please let me know your thoughts by leaving a review.
Happy reading...

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Phantasms in the Infirmary series... A chapter within

A chapter within....

Demonic Battle

It was a cold and dark night on the wards of St Augustine. The wards were silent as the inpatient population slept with the trustworthy watchful eyes of the nurses looking after them to rely on. The silence was broken by the odd cough and windy escape from the patients as they relaxed into a slumber. All was uneventful and calm. Gail, who was on one of the night shift, sat at the nurses’ station with her knitting on her lap as she created another matinée gown for her next grandchild, labouring away on hot clicking knitting needles as she industrially, conjured up another masterpiece. The clicking of the needles was rhythmic as she twisted the wool around the sharp long spines as she “knitted and pearled” the garment into shape. Louise, her colleague, sat in the dim light, reading her novel and automatically answering the occasional yes and no to Gail’s intermittent conversation, trying hard to concentrate on her book. As the couple sat aimlessly waiting for a call buzzer or a patient groan to attend to, there was an almighty crash from the end of the ward. Gail hurled her knitting paraphernalia clumsily on the desk, in total disregard of dropping a stitch and braced herself for a dash down the corridor, Louise did the same. ‘What in heaven’s name was that?’ remarked Louise, surprised by the sudden clamour. They both simultaneously lifted up of their comfy seats, nearly crashing heads at the sudden start and headed towards the source of the disturbance. Not a further word was said as the flashlights were switched on and they purposefully propelled themselves down the long, dark corridor, like two sentinels looking for a break-in, shinning the beam of light from one direction to another, trying to source the ruckus. It was at that point that they both noticed a dim bluish light emanating from the patient in bed eleven. It was not the patient but something indistinguishable, something hovering over the head of the bed. ‘What the fu..?’ exclaimed Louise, chocked into not finishing her uncouth exclamation. ‘Oh my god, what is it?’ replied Gail but there was no answer from her colleague. Both nurses were experienced night shift workers and had seen a lot over the years but they had never encountered anything like this before. The Bluish tinge was ill defined and was emanating from the wall, it was impossible to determine what it was but it stood out of the ordinary and seemed like a human form but only partially human, it seemed to be a floating torso that was focusing on the patient who lay helpless and seemingly asleep beneath the apparition. Mr Warren, the patient on bed eleven, had been an inpatient for the last three days, was an elderly man who had been transferred to the surgical ward with acute bowel obstruction, undergone surgery and was now recovering. So why was this “thing” picking on him? They wondered about this as they tried to make sense of the unbelievable spectacle that they now faced. It was unusual in every way and unearthly to the extreme, frightening and ghoulish. As they hurried toward the figure, it must have sensed the oncoming rush of the two staff members coming to the patient’s rescue and it deliberately turned to face them. Both ladies were now frozen to the spot, petrified at encountering this unearthly spectre. It was soul and ugly to say the least. Sunken eyes within a now well defined angry face, mouth snarling and the eyes focused on the two innocent nurses. The eyes were evil and piercing. Its arms were outwardly reaching for the patient’s face, as if wanting to extinguish the poor man’s life, suffocation was possibly it’s intention? Gail shone the strong beam of light straight at it and the result was to make the demonic appearance angrier as it swooped further into the ward from the wall that had previously housed it and it turned more definitively towards them, as if ready for battle. ‘Shit, what do we do now?’ exclaimed Louise as Gail went into automatic pilot… She was wildly flaying her arms about, shooing it away and nervously talking to it. ‘In the name of god almighty, leave the poor man alone’ ‘Go away, shoo you ugly bastard’ as she lashed her arms at it in quick succession, as if in an attempt to push it away from her patient. This did not seem to have much impact as it now stood in front of them, no longer floating horizontally but standing up to them, vertically and slowly making its way towards them, threatening the custodians of the ward. Both nurses were now very afraid but they were there to protect their patients although no book in their respective training courses had ever prepared for dealing with demons or ghosts. This was new ground and it was a sharp learning curve they faced. To make matters worse, Mr Warren was now awake, shaking in his bed as he could see the battle between good and evil was being fought over him. ‘Please don’t let it take me away, I don’t want to go with it, please’ he cried. Soon the whole bay of patients was awake from the commotion and although they were mostly elderly patients, they got up off their beds and rallied round their nurses. They threw pillows at it, kicked and hit out at this being. The makeshift teamwork was having an effect as it now seemed to be confused and lacked the previous malevolent focus it had demonstrated. This dark force was now looking around at all the participants, trying to hit back when suddenly it turned back and jumped through the solid wall where it had originally appeared and now thankfully disappeared. It was all very quick, from the furore and commotion to sudden silence. Louise and Gail shook as much as Mr Warren was shaking and quaking, firmly cocooned in his bed with the bed covers around him like a protective shield. The three battling patients, Mr Jackson, Mr Williams and Mr McIver, although slightly dishevelled and confused, had helped the staff in battle and had won. The dark matter that had battled with them had vanished. ‘I don’t know what that was dear but can we do something about not having them back again, my leg is killing me’ Mr McIver said. ‘So is my back’ replied Mr Williams. Mr Jackson was now sitting on the side of his bed and just said ‘that was the most exercise I have had in years, reminded me of the old days when I boxed in the army’. Louise and Gail smiled and thanked them all, helped them back into bed and made them all a warm drink to help them rest. Mr Warren was a nervous wreck, unable to settle and wondering why he had been the target of this evil apparition. Of course there were no answers available at this point but they would of course report this and protect them all. Gail and Louise checked the patient’s observations and once satisfied there was nothing unduly wrong with them physically; they left the battling geriatrics and made their way to the nurses’ station to write their reports. As both baffled nurses worked their way to the office, they could not help but ponder on the events that had just taken part in. There were no explanations; there were no solutions or plans just questions. The main questions being what were that and what was it doing with Mr Warren? They sat and sipped on a coffee that Louise had made them both and wrote down the reports. They read them and agreed that it did not make any sense but they had written facts, however hard to believe, they were facts. ‘Ghosts and ghouls should not feature on patient notes but this is an exception’ said Gail. ‘In all my years I have never felt so frightened, helpless and vulnerable’ she continued. ‘Thanks god the other patients came to our assistance, otherwise who knows what would have been the resulting outcome, brrrr, frightening’ Louise shuddered. ‘I’d better check on the old fellow, Mr Warren, poor old soul’ Gail said. Louise continued to pen her account and Gail made her way down the corridor of the ward. All was well, or so it seemed. Everyone was asleep and as she gently approached Mr Warren, she noticed he was still. He was more still than he should have been as she waited for his chest to rise and take a breath. This was never to happen again. Gail became very upset as she now felt for a pulse or any sign of life... He was dead. She shone her torch t the cold and lifeless corpse and noted his pallor and strangely distorted face, eyes fixed towards the wall where the spectre had originated from. Whatever the result of the last few minutes were, either it was too much for this frail elderly person to take or…. The demon had been back to reclaim the soul he had targeted.