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Friday, 29 April 2016

Phantasmic Offer

Not for the feint hearted
The Ultimate Phantasms in the Infirmary is on special offer on the Amazon Kindle Countdown Deals.

Only 0.99 to visit a world of supernatural hospital horror stories including ouija induced spooks and killer Nuns.
Ghosts galore in a haunting book.

Take a look at @Author_man_ram's Tweet:

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Frighteningly good stories

A deal is on. Starts tomorrow on Amazon Kindle
The Ultimate Phantasms in the Infirmary
Only 0.99 for a few days only....
Pass it on

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Desert island

A bit of fun...
What 3 items would you like to have with you if you were stranded on a desert island?
No phones, no radio and one extra item would be a book...  Which one?
What are your reasons for these choices?

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Poetic Promo for one of my books

Poetic Promo for one of my books.
Does this work?
The unholy trilogy :
Phantasms in the Infirmary Vol I and Vol II plus The Ultimate Phantasms in the Infirmary.

Your thoughts are welcome....

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Hilarious book

Inside the novel...

Hilarity in the Hills,  a sweet story of family fun, lampooning in France and catastrophic vacationing.

Simon held on to his dad’s hand as they crossed the road and headed for the hustle and bustle of the French market. They looked for anything resembling a food establishment and they were soon standing in front of a stall piled high with lovely cold meats. Salamis of all kinds of sizes and colours. Pierce made some quick calculations in his head: ‘They would be easy to eat without any plates or cutlery’ so Pierce addressed the stall owner in his best French, pausing to be able to ensure he was correctly addressing the gentleman in the correct tense. ‘Quelle est cette saucisse s'il vous plaît ‘ asked pierce whilst pointing at a lovely sausage on the counter. ‘Cheval’ replied the stall owner with a smile on his face. Well he had understood his question but the answer was not what he expected, although the salami looked very appetising, it was Horse meat and no way was he eating Neddy. ‘Quelle est cette saucisse s'il vous plaît’ he asked again but pointing to another salami. The answer was the same but without the smile this time… ‘Cheval’. Simon now started to tug on his confused dads arm, as he whispered ’Dad, dad’ but to no avail. He continued to attempt to gain his father’s full attention however Pierce was concentrating. Pierce looked at him, firmly stating ‘Please Simon, can’t you see I am trying to buy us lunch, let me focus on speaking to this man in French. It’s not easy you know’. ‘But dad, look up at the sign…’ Pierce capitulated to his son’s request and looked up at the sign on the stall. The bright, clearly written and colourful sign firmly stated “Bouocherie de cheval” and to make matters clearer, there was a picture of a horse with lines and writing on its body which indicated what the different cuts were called on the equine meat platter. ‘Pardon monsieur, jei sui Désolé’ said the embarrassed father of three and grabbed his sons hand and walked to another stall. ‘Ah, cheese, no horses in there I hope unless they milk horses here?’ he chuckled to his young apprentice and proceeded to purchase some fromage instead.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Rams Ramblings

It's Monday again,  the weekend came and went in the blink of an eye.
Projects remained untouched and procrastination ensued.
My excuse, old age.
It's a challenge to keep up with the rat race.
My aims to devote time to quality of life is still strong.
I have a 5 year plan and this has replaced my previous plan,  which replaced the one prior to that with many a box un-ticked. Especially the 'become a millionaire' and find a cure for cancer!!!
However I have achieved many of the contents of my deep bucket list.
Writing and publishing a book,  now,  a few books, being one.
The others are to be a grandad amongst the more important ones.
I am looking forward to my middle son getting married on Saturday and spending quality time with all the clan,  but especially Heath and Castiel, my adorable grandson's.
Roll on the weekend and good luck Keiron and Aga.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Art Attack

Yes, I write and yes I paint...  They help reduce the stress of the day job.
Here's my latest Art Attack
This depicts one of my grandson's in the middle of my wife and I.
If I were to give this a name,  well none more appropriate than 'grandparenthood'.
It's acrylic on paper and was painted this afternoon in around an hour.

I'm pleased with it....

Monday, 11 April 2016

Stories from the heart

Writing a story first comes from the heart,  then the brain should engage...
Revealing the inner creative juices is not an easy task to undertake.
Critics and editing issues are waiting in the midst, ready to pounce on anything.
It takes guts to write and publish a book.
Having fulfilled publishing my first novel, it released the shyness and restraints of going public with my writing.
I have now published a few and the process is easier but the negatives still feel personal.
However the stories are innovative, brave and readable.
Yes some polishing up is definitely needed but they are being enjoyed by thousands around the world with potentially millions more to engage with.
This is the purpose of this blog. To increase a and readership.
Help make these novels 'a must read' in anyone's list of books to read. looking for something different to read.
Take into account that these are written and produced with these aims,  give them a try and then write a review.
These reviews are a form of enlightenment for others and a compass of directions for those looking for that Jnd...

Make it a certainty to download your copy of one of my books.

Amazon Kindle and paperback format available... The choice is yours.

Saturday, 9 April 2016

RPG Books Facebook page

Facebook author page is awaiting your like....  Wait no longrr
Click and interact on RPGBooks

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

What's your poison?

I'm a nurse and fledgling Author.
Having published a range of books,  all in English and one also in Spanish. I am pleased to offer a range of novels to entice many a palate.
They are works of fiction as my none fiction writing is reserved for work...  I have never published a technical book but have published research and articles in my specialist field.
My first ever published article was in the 1990 's and it was a piece on environmental psychology.
It was based on the patient's experience influenced by environmental factors affecting patient stress in an accident and emergency department.
It inspired me on...

I write because I relish and love to tell a good story. The best medium to tell them to a wider audience is through a book.

These books range from Legally Lucky that has been likened to in pursuit of happiness, ghostly short stories with the Phantasms series,  a comedic recollection of a disastrous vacation with Hilarity in the Hills. Mental Dental (Murder by Proxy) and Phobic Wars are based on 2 of my dislikes... Cockroaches and dentists.

Having written these,  I am so proud of them.  Yes they aren't perfect and there may be some editing irregularities but they are readable and more importantly, they capture the imagination and make the reader turn the page.
I don't actively promote them, despite some publishers constant attempts at enticing me with Paid For promotional packages.

I want people to read them,  share their thoughts about the stories, tell others about them and create some noise.
Getting the stories to wet the appetite for more.

So if you want something different, something entertaining, something that will take you to a place outside of yourself for a while... Then click on the link below. Especially as some are on special offer on Amazon Kindle UK and 


Big in Japan

Mental Dental (Murder by Proxy) is getting popular with Japanese readers.
Great going for sales but in need of reviews to climb the charts.
Why is it popular?
It's simply an ingenious and entertaining read.
It's full of twists and turns, keeping the reader intrigued and turning the pages, keeping the reader guessing and metaphorically speaking, on their toes.

Make it yours by clicking MBP

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Get your teeth firmly into this

The following was part of a review from a reader... 
Dr. Jessie Stacks, a competent and caring dentist, is devastated when a healthy patient dies in her surgery. Despite being exonerated she still has to endure the police enquiry and press frenzy which ensue following this sudden and unexpected death. She also experiences a crisis of confidence in her own dental skills and proficiency as a result of the traumatic episode. She sets out to discover if there have been any other similar unexpected deaths within the setting of a dental surgery and whether there are any common factors linking any such deaths, enlisting the invaluable help of her father, an eminent dental surgeon "with connections in high places". He manages to access sensitive and privileged information for her and as Jessie delves deeper into the circumstances of other similar deaths she begins to see a disturbing pattern emerge. But what possible motive could there be for these random deaths? Is it possible that such incredible depravity actually exists? Eventually Jessie finds the unwelcome answers to these questions.

It's a great summary and pitch for Mental Dental.

It's available on kindle Countdown Deal on and as from tomorrow for a week so get your teeth into this great novel by clicking MBP

Monday, 4 April 2016

Visit to the dentist

I have met my nemesis... The dentist, for a recent consultation and some work.
I undertook this with courage and resolve, NOT!
As they say here in the UK, I was bricking it.
Sweaty palms, tachycardia and dread were the order of the day.
The calming aquarium was far from calming as I observed either a very clever fish swimming upside down or...  It was dead.
Brilliant, what a bad omen.
However I persevered and armed with a free copy of Mental Dental (Murder by Proxy) I finally managed to go through with the torturous drilling,  pulling, suction and blood loss.

This was on Saturday. Today,  I went for a quick review, noticing a fellow patient reading the complementary copy I left there.
Somehow, they were enjoying it...
I did mention I was the author and I was embarrassingly complimented on what they had read. Obviously a long wait.

I got to thinking, is this a good way of promoting my novel?

My conclusion, valiant effort but not one I am keen on repeating too frequently.

Kindle Countdown Deal Scheduled on and for April 6th.. Only 0.99 

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Dentistry nightmares

I have a scheduled appointment for the Dentists in 2 hours. 
Dreading it,  especially as I have depicted in my book.   Mental Dental (Murder by Proxy)
Fingers and everything crossed folks...  Will let you know how I get on,  Gulp!!!