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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Black Friday inspired Deal

Legally Lucky and Phantasms in the Infirmary are both on at 0.99 on Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal.
MASSIVE discount on the normal price and for limited time only.
Log in to amazon and download a  copy of them now.
Happy Bargain hunting.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Lottery dreams at pre-Christmas

UKllottery dreams are alight again.  A rollover waiting to be won.
So what if you were lucky enough to be the big winner?
Surely this would be a dream come true?
Legally Lucky is a fictitious twist to the aspirations of money and all its trappings...
It will take you to the world of the winner and reflect the truth about the fact we are all winners.  Life is enough to be happy although money helps but it's not the be all and end all.
Money is not everything and this book highlights the joy of family, love and friendship as the  true treasures.
Read it and start to live life for what it is hhowever, good luck with the lottery...

Monday, 23 November 2015

Not so unpleasant meet up with a ghostly nurse

Meeting up with a ghost is not always an unpleasant one...  The following excerpt from The Ultimate Phantasms in the Infirmary leads to this...

The young student turned around to face the dark corridor, puzzled by the patient’s description of the nurse, especially as no nurses in the hospital wore white uniforms. Furthermore, hats had not been worn by nurses in decades. It was then that her questions were answered as she saw the nurse that had assisted her patients call for help. Joleyne was now facing a very pale looking figure, almost translucent in her white uniform and white hat in situ looking back at them. A pale face starred at her, a pallor that seemed to glow against the contrasting deep darkness in the background. Although she stood only a few feet away she could not recognise this nurse.

Want to know what happened next?
You're going to have to download the book then.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

67% Off haunted book

Check out The Ultimate Phantasms in the Infirmary...  Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal.
MASSIVE discount is now available for immediate delivery and reading enjoyment ...

Thursday, 19 November 2015

The day job rewarded

Yesterday evening, one of the teams I manage and created was rewarded for our innovative approach to patient care.
We received a commendation for our YouTube video we produced for increasing Pulmonary Rehabilitation attendance.
Our CEO presented the prize at the awards ceremony in a great evening celebrating the best of the local NHS services.
Nice to be acknowledged especially in these times of austerity.
Motivation and inspiring

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Legally Lucky revisited weekly

Life is one big lottery and Legally Lucky, my first book addressed some of these aspects whereby one concentrates on financial success and stability as a marker of quality of life.
Many strive to make money to live and some aim to make it big, the bigger the better.
By this I mean that success and quality of life is quantifiable by the amounts of money in their bank accounts.

Now, if we are realistic, no one would say "No" to a large amount of money at their disposal... however happiness is measured in many ways.
If we look at the possible jackpot for Friday's EuroMillions draw which is a whopping £110,000,000 it would be life changing for anyone.
However, to me, quality of life is measured in special moments. these are precious moments with our loved ones. Yesterday evening, there was a lottery draw, I won nothing with my numbers but I was happy.
Happy to be surrounded by my wife, eldest son, daughter-in-law and my eldest grandson.
Seeing them bond, have fun and spend priceless time with them was equal to and better than having an obscene amount of money in the bank.
These moments cannot be bought.
They are happiness at their peak and precious.

Legally Lucky explored the true meaning of life and happiness. It challenged the modern idea of happiness based on finance and successfully described happiness as love & friendship with the aims of becoming rich being a secondary outcome.
Yes play the lottery but do not overlook how rich you are and live the moments.

Rich does not make happy...

Monday, 16 November 2015

Fantasmas en la Enfermería

Un libro que viene muy pronto, a tiempo para las navidades.
Un libro lleno de fantasmas y espíritus que tienen residencia en un hospital embrujado.
Cuentos, leyendas y brujería...
Fantasmas en la Enfermería esta apunto de ser un libro que todos quieren leer, un libro que te dejará con escalofríos. Este es un libro con unas leyendas de monjas de la muerte y espantos malévolos, Angeles de otra portal y mucho más...

Ya viene, no queda mucho.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

18 deaths inflicted by killer dentists

Mental Dental (Murder by Proxy) 

A peek inside this 5 star book available on kindle and paperback format 

File number Thirteen of eighteen 
Number thirteen, unlucky for some. Well yes, definitely unlucky for the next unfortunate patient who was to die. This was Dean Pepper. Dean had just returned to his home in Swansea, Wales after being on exercise in the Brecon Beacons with the T.A. (Territorial Army) where he was an infantryman. Regrettably, during an abseil down one of the many cliff tops, a gust of wind caught him and blew him at force against the cliff, clouting his face. He had sustained a black eye, a torn upper lip and three holes in his gums where teeth had very recently occupied. After having had some x-rays to exclude an orbital fracture or any other pathology, he was allowed to have the dental treatment at his local dental surgery and this would be paid for by her Majesty’s government, the M.O.D. were coughing up the readies. He was happy to go home after a fortnight of regimental duty. He liked to play soldier for a while, rolling around in the dirt, shooting expensive rifles, the drinking and camaraderie but then pined for his day job of local postman, and especially his role of doting husband / father. Rifleman Pepper was now plain old Dean Pepper. He called the dental surgery on route home from the exercise area. He arranged for an urgent review and as planned, turned up early and checked in at reception. He was only there for a few seconds when his dentist, Dr Paul Lattice, called him in. Although the x-ray was taken in the medical unit post trauma, he needed to have another set taken at the surgery to see the damage and plan the interventions. Dean was led to a small room just of the main corridor, it was the x-ray room and Dr Lattice explained what he machine would do and what he wanted Dean to do. Explicitly, the machine would rotate around his head and take x-rays; Dean would just need to sit still and upright for a few minutes, easy. Dr Lattice’s assistant was his trusty nurse Carole. As Dr Paul Lattice left the room where Dean was quietly sitting, Carole entered the room and reassured him that he would be on his own for a minute or so, as they had to be in another room whilst the x-rays were taken and reduce the exposure to the radiation. She placed the x-ray film in his mouth, asked him to bite comfortably on it and that it would be done in no time at all. She smiled and left him there. The police report stated that this was the last time that Dean was to be seen alive. The sinister goings on that occurred straight after this was horrific and very disturbing. Dean was left on his own in the radiology room, the machine poised to take a panoramic shot of his mouth, he was holding the film in his mouth that would then be developed and reveal the damage. As the dentist, Dr Lattice and his nurse were concealed in the room next door, the button for the x-ray camera to undertake its primary function, take pictures. The aging x-ray machine started to whir, and the motors slowly propelled it along its journey, around the patients face / jaw. Unusually, the whirring motors got louder and after about 30 seconds later, both the dentist and nurse got up, and concerned that the machine had not stopped, popped their heads around the wall to check on the patient. Carole shrieked at finding that the clinical room she had just moments left with Dean sitting on a chair now was a bloody crimson abattoir that housed a dead patient. Dean had his head severed by the rotating x-ray camera. What made things worse was that it was obviously not a clean cut. The lower maxillary bone or mandible was connected to the rest of the body but the rest of him from the upper jaw onwards lay on the floor, eyes turned down, a small tear running down his left cheek, his teeth still clasping the x-ray film, drenched in a sea of fresh blood, his own. There was no point in attempting to resuscitate or indeed, calling an ambulance, this was a fatality and only a miracle would resurrect this victim now. The Police were called; this was done by Dr Felix Collins. He called the police to report this tragic mess and no suspicions were cast on him, why should they, his only apparent crime was to be present in the same building as where the dreadful death had occurred. The Police attended and another dental surgery became a scene of crime. Masses of photos taken by the scenes of crimes officers (S.O.C.O.) and other attempts at forensics were taken. These were explicitly graphical and showed the extent of terror that had just happened. But what had happened? Other than a malfunctioning piece of medical technology that had resulted in a fatality, nothing suspicious obviously as no arrests were made and as with the other deaths, no conclusions were made. Very frustrating for Jessie as she, on reflection was slowly getting some evidence, however it was not enough. She had no motive and no apparent reasons to sustain this criminal goings on. Jessie had to persevere with her investigation but it was getting worse, the deaths were becoming more gruesome, as if there was an evil competition between the killers. There were three or four of them and she needed to get them, she needed to stop them. As she was about to close this file, her phone went off in her pocket. It was her father again. She answered it with an element of expectation. ‘Hello daddy, have you got any more information for me?’As if he had been reading her thoughts, he replied ‘Yes I do some interesting new information actually’Dr Stack senior continued his revelation…‘Dr Adam Shaw, your clinical partner was born Steven Lambe, he changed his name by deed poll some years ago and apparently because of an inheritance that was left to him by a great uncle on his mother’s side’. Jessie’s jaw dropped, aghast at the fresh facts imparted on her by her father. ‘Jessie, are you still there?’her dad enquired…‘Yes, sorry, I am, please continue with what you were saying ’. Her father continued his report on the new information he had gained and this made interesting assimilation. Jessie penned her points on her jotter and after the conversation was ended, she reflected on the brand new information she had. Her dad also clarified that the rest of her partners, Dr Vivek Budhrani, Dr Tony Marvell, Dr Peter Kelly, Dr Tracey Quinn and Dr Julie Walker were all legitimate and untainted in any shape or form. There was some reassurance at least. ‘There were only three of them after all; the trio of assassins was never a foursome. Thank god for that’. By this she meant that her findings were pointing to three suspects but curiously, there was a fresh new name, Adam Shaw. The trail of the murderous Steven Lambe had gone cold and the new boy in the block had come from nowhere. Jessie felt she was back on track with her exploration again, although she could not understand the motivation and driving force for killing and murdering innocent people, she was able to keep an objective overview of the perpetrators as this unholy trio. This cluster of deaths being caused by these three dentists was slowly being solved by her and the knowledge she was on the right path was refreshing but more so was the fact that she knew that there were only three rotten apples in this barrel, no more. She entered another few details on her expanding criminal time line, her metaphorical net that would help entrap these feral and ruthless slayers of innocent dental patients. Jessie could not rest on her laurels; she needed to remain systematic and objective in her quest for truth, in order to reveal the murderers and prevent them adding any further names on to their list of casualties.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Legally Lucky birthday

LinkedIn profile reminder: it's 5 years since I added author to my profile with this book.. Legally Lucky

Still no film Deal!!!
More reviews on Help It go viral

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Does this blog generate interest and clicks onto the books?

I have been blogging for a short while now and am interested in the effectiveness of blogging
Does this blog generate interest and clicks onto the books?

I am relatively new at this and wondered if this is useful?
Does it generate interest in the books?
Is blogging a useful marketing tool?
Are there too many similar ones out there in the stratosphere already and is the blogging market oversaturated?

I would appreciate some engagement with this request and any tips to make this a more interesting blog...

Here is a quick survey on the link.

Thanks all
Kind regards


Monday, 9 November 2015

Christmas reads

Christmas is around the corner...  The dreaded  hunt for a great Christmasgift is on.

Is there an avid reader in the family?

Is the compendium of ghostly  tales something they would be interested in?

Here's a great Christmas gift

The Ultimate Phantasms in the Infirmary

Jam-packed with ghouls and supernatural spectres that occur in a  fictitious hospital...  But it could be your llocal hospital.

An appropriate gift for all ghost hunters, nurses and health care professional in the family and friends...  Order Your copy now

Dare to read it?

Going International - Libro en Español

Phantasms in the Infirmary has been a popular read / choice for many English speakers.
As a bilingual author, I have ventured into the Spanish version of the book and although its finished, it is having a re-edit at the moment from a colleague.
The book will be ready for Christmas so one hopes to tap into the ghost hunters and those interested in the genre who speak Spanish.
The ideal markets will be Spain and South America.
Fingers crossed this will continue to be a popular read in these countries.

Fantasmas en la enfermería ha sido un libro muy popular opción para muchas personas de habla inglesa.
Como autor bilingüe, he incursionado en la versión española del libro y aunque está acabado, está teniendo una re-edición en el momento por una colega.
El libro estará listo para la Navidad por lo que uno espera de aprovechar los cazadores de fantasmas y los interesados en este género que hablan español.
Los mercados ideales serán
España y América del Sur.
Esperamos esta edición seguirá siendo una lectura popular en estos países.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

A very unique experience

Phantasms in the Infirmary

Is there another book similar to The Ultimate Phantasms in the Infirmary out there?
I don't believe there is.
Of course there are hospital ghost story books out there but they are either written as fact or pure fiction.

Our book is a fact based fictional spin...  Stories written for the delectation of the reader but definitely ground on truth.

They have been amassed over many years and are collected in this compendium of scary tales.

Get a copy and read all about the spectral shenanigans we have to endure in a hospital

Musical interlude

As an author I love creativity and yesterday I went to watch a demigod of music, Mr Joe Satriani in concert.

I love music and rock especially.
He played in Cliffs Pavilion, Southend, Essex. Yesterday was a masterclass of showmanship and musical talent.
A class act and well impressed.
My favourite, Crystal Planet was played too... 
Thanks again Joe,  keep on rocking


A sense of quiet expectation is felt when entering a hospital that all will be well.
At St Augastine's hospital,  it's not guaranteed....
A constellation of ghostly stars is present in some form or other in one ward or area within the grounds and old building.

Want to meet some?
Well make an appointment to visit by reading The Ultimate Phantasms in the Infirmary.
Available as an ebook or paperback format.
A great and spooky experience.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Disturbingly ingenious

A book I am really proud of...
It's been described as ingenious and clever and do you know what,  I agree.
I have now written a few books and this is still one of my favourite tales.

Don't just take my word for  it,  read it and correct me if I'm wrong.


Sunday, 1 November 2015

Check this out

Take a look at @KatherynLane's Tweet: