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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Countdown to midnight

2014 is near its end,  a new year looms in the horizon.
2015 will hopefully bring love, health, success,  friendship, opportunity and peace to the majority of us.  For those that don't have all these things, don't give up and create your possibilities.

Peace and love to all

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Happy new year 2015

Happy new year 2015 from Julie and I
May all your dreams come true.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Mental Dental... KILLER Dentists on the rampage

The day he had dreaded for so many weeks had finally arrived, and the hour of potential torture and pain was now unequivocally unavoidable. He sat in the cold, clinical waiting room, a bundle of nervous fear stuck on an uncomfortable and well worn chair, firmly between the white walls scattered with posters of people with perfect, gleaming smiles. Trying to remain composed and focused, he attempted to divert his worries and think positively. He watched the public interact with the friendly receptionist as she tapped their details on her computer and smiled at the grateful punters as they smiled back and made follow up appointments. ‘Why can’t I be like that?’ he thought to himself. John was in his thirties and an accountant by profession who was no stranger to stress. However, he quizzed himself on why he was being so scared and negative at coming to the dentists and why he would react in this way, every time he had to be there. He knew the inevitability of this all was worthwhile in the end and after all, what was the worst that could happen?

Scary wards and haunted hospital halls

Ward 7 was a prime example of the demonic demonstrations that could be experienced in this edifice.

"Things that go bump in the night are just buildings creaking and light changes in the room"

A small extract from Phantasms in the Infirmary.

Do you agree?

Do yourself a favour and read this book...


Self published author... It's not easy

Writing books is easy in comparison to all the promotion and marketing of the end product.
It doesn't matter how good the writing is or the stories if no one is aware they are there for the taking.
Blog, Google +, #twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn groups, websites etc.  It's a big ask.
Especially when you also have a day job...!
The efforts are tremendous,  the returns are meager in comparison.  However one is like a dog with a bone,  I won't let go.
I know the novels are good,  they will succeed and be good sellers. 
Blood, sweat and coffee!!!
All that is left to do is persevere...  Wish me luck 😎

Website link for great books

Here's the link to my website.
It has links to my author page on Amazon to get copies of my books.
Remember that there are four to choose from.
Legally Lucky
Phobic Wars
Mental Dental (Murder by Proxy)
Phantasms in the Infirmary

They are selling well and available in Kindle and paperback format.

Don't be a stranger. Read them and please enjoy them but also remember that your review will help readers choose.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Merry Christmas / feliz navidad

Merry Christmas / Feliz Navidad to each and every one.
May there be peace in the world and good will to all men.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Busy week... No writing

The build up to the Christmas period has its flaws... It's been a tremendously busy week in health care.
I can honestly say that I have not had much time to think,  let alone write.

I have 3 books underway but not put any time into them.

I have been trying to promote the ones that are available.
Today, had a follow on Twitter from iAuthor...
Created a new profile on it..  See for yourself.


As far as the books go,  they are selling... 

I also went to my first ever Christmas pantomime.
Great laugh and good training when the grandchildren finally start coming.

In the meantime,  looking forward to the Christmas break.
Might get some writing done and maybe finish one of the projects.

Monday, 22 December 2014

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Caught on camera

Louis Van Gaal.. Asking Santa for the Premier league for Xmas.  😆

Photo taken by my son  Paul this evening in Manchester at a concert

Climbing up the charts again

Phantasms in the Infirmary
The Nursing,  hospital related collection of ghostly short stories is climbing up the paperback charts again
Thank you for purchasing it and reading it.  Enjoy


Saturday, 20 December 2014

Incredibly priced and can't be missed

The publishing house has control over prices.
I was reviewing my author page and found Legally Lucky,  my first born....  At only £3.86
This is a great price. A print version at nearly the same price as a kindle version.

Please don't miss out.

Here's the link for the paperback edition


Read it at your leisure and share your experience

Merry Christmas

Steady stream

Great to see that Phantasms in the Infirmary is getting a slow but steady stream of purchases. 
People are reading this book.

My in-laws have read it too and really enjoyed the experience.
That is awesome...

Remember it's easy to get a copy of Phantasms in the Infirmary...  On Amazon Kindle and paperback. link is as follows

CreateSpace link is as follows


Thursday, 18 December 2014

Share /like this bloody good book

Phantasms in the Infirmary
Please like and share this page.
An excellent compilation of chilling ghostly stories...  Scary but far from Gore and bloody violence. 
A good old fashioned horror story collection.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Financial rewards

Writing a book was something I've always dared to do..
My reason,  a legacy, a chance to be different,  an opportunity to create a piece of work that was far removed from my day job as a clinician.  It was a dare and a passion.  The last thing on my mind was the financial gain.

Four books in,  I'm still driven by the same things. 
The drive is still to share a creation,  a moment in my mind that is allowed out in public. Beautiful, scary, clever and complex yet different.

All four books are different :
Legally Lucky is a sweet story with a moral lesson in life.

Phobic Wars,  a complex story of cockroaches and Atlantis intertwined with green issues and love.

Mental Dental (MBP)  is a release of energy,  a twisting and twisted killer thriller that involves innovative streams,  you've got to read it to believe it.

Then there's the new baby,  Phantasms in the Infirmary.
This again is different in many ways.  It's a compilation of chilling tales some on experiences in hospital for many years.  It's also different in that it is coauthored by my wife,  Julie. 
It's a great compilation and the different style of writing is brilliantly blended.

All four books are out there to be enjoyed. Here is the link to my Authorcentre on Amazon... Don't be a stranger and please visit


If you read any,  please leave your review for all to read.


Dentistry nightmares

My best seller is Mental Dental (MBP)
Don't just take my word for it...  Look at the reviews.

Click on the following link
Well worth a consultation....!! 😉


Monday, 15 December 2014

Lottery dreams

We've all debated on how a life changing amount of money could change our lives.  However we never really give the negatives much thought.
Legally Lucky,  my first book,  offers this scenario.
It is a story with twists and turns that will have your attention and turning the pages in anticipation of the end.
It blends the dreams and aspirations of the main protagonist with the indignation and defamation of character based on accusations of cheating and terrorism.
A court room drama that assures us of the value of true friendship balanced against being a millionaire. 
Some things in life are more precious than money.

A great read for Christmas...
Get your hands on a copy on the following link

Legally Lucky

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Nice, creative horror

My cousin and her family came around today and of course we gave them a copy of Phantasms in the Infirmary.
The debate about horror ensued
I was trying to differentiate spooky,  nice horror v Gore.
My rationale is There's a difference...
Nice horror makes you feel uneasy and jumpy. It is based on making you think and the writer has been innovative,  creative and brave.
Gore makes you scared and it is full of dark, gratuitous violence,  bloodshed and horrible stuff just to hurt the readers senses..!

Nice horror craves intelligence and understanding,  enjoyment and moral stories...  At least that is what our intention is.

Our book is spooky,  granted but it is nice horror. There are opportunities to understand why entities may remain in our world.  It is fiction based on folklore

Please give it a spin.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

International interest

It's refreshing to see that Phantasms in the Infirmary is getting a lot of sense in France.
Is it because of the subject matter?
Is it because the short stories are easy to follow if English is not the main language?
Is it something else?

I would be interested to know,  please share the reason why

In the meantime... Bon chance et Merci 😉

Reduced in Amazon France


Due to such popular demand for this novel in France I have reduced the price of Phantasms in the Infirmary on Amazon. fr...

Click on the above link.

Please tell your friends and download, read and enjoy the tales.

Enjoy Reduced book on kindle

Hit the link above
Reduced in price on kindle version of Phantasms in the Infirmary on

Download it, read it, enjoy it...

Friday, 12 December 2014

End of the working week

Another hard week over...  Stress, demands and targets.
Now that is why I escape into writing.
A chance to drift creatively to leave reality behind for a while.  To recover the batteries and some sanity.
It's better than taking drugs.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

New 3 star review

New Three star review on for Phantasms in the infirmary.
This makes it 4 reviews and although its a start... more reviews needed because unfortunately the books get more marketing time with more reviews.
This makes it 2 x 5 star, 1 x 4 star and 1 x 3 star review.
All very complementary.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Short stories - Ghosts not Gore

Horror unfortunately is synonymous with  themes based on grisly, gruesome, violent, bloodthirsty, bloody and brutal acts.

The films such as the Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Friday 13th and Saw have given the ghost stories a bad name.

Phantasms in the infirmary is far from this.
It is horror but without the severing of heads or pools of blood. It is representative of the good old fashioned ghost stories. Things that go bump in the night, stories to make you think and not cringe!

It is a book that is meant to give you goosebumps but in a nice way, without the bloody violence associated with the genre. There are ghosts and specters but not violence for the shock value of it.

Please give this book a try as I fear it may be misrepresented by the genre.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Give the gift of a book this Christmas

Depending on what you like, the choice is nearly endless and they are easy to wrap!!

 Ideal present for Christmas

Thrills galore - do not open wide


An innocent dentist is accused of murder.
Join her in a voyage of intrigue and discovery with a view to establishing her innocence.
Find out who is killing and more importantly Why!!!

Click on the above link to get your copy of Mental Dental (Murder by Proxy)
It is a clever "Killer Thriller"

Reviews on Amazon include the following from UK and USA sites:

5.0 out of 5 stars Realistic characters.
The characters seem so real, its almost like I know them! The writer's best and latest book is excellent. I was scared of dentists before I read this. Now I know they are human too, they make mistakes. Except for that scary dentist in Little Shop of Horrors of course!

3.0 out of 5 stars Don't "open wide", whatever you do!
Dr. Jessie Stacks, a competent and caring dentist, is devastated when a healthy patient dies in her surgery. Despite being exonerated she still has to endure the police enquiry and press frenzy which ensue following this sudden and unexpected death. She also experiences a crisis of confidence in her own dental skills and proficiency as a result of the traumatic episode. She sets out to discover if there have been any other similar unexpected deaths within the setting of a dental surgery and whether there are any common factors linking any such deaths, enlisting the invaluable help of her father, an eminent dental surgeon "with connections in high places". He manages to access sensitive and privileged information for her and as Jessie delves deeper into the circumstances of other similar deaths she begins to see a disturbing pattern emerge. But what possible motive could there be for these random deaths? Is it possible that such incredible depravity actually exists? Eventually Jessie finds the unwelcome answers to these questions.
I thought the plot ingenious and entertaining (although hopefully implausible!) and I'm sure it has done nothing to help foster good patient-dentist relationships! I enjoyed the first half of the book as it detailed the case histories of the poor unsuspecting victims but then, unfortunately, I found the latter half of the book rather boring, repetitive and even childish in places. Unlike the other reviewers I found the characters superficial and bland. Also I was rather surprised by the number of grammatical/spelling/punctuation errors (e.g. "pour" instead of "pore", "Handles" instead of "Handel's") and found them somewhat distracting. However, it was a free download and quite enjoyable overall.

Available as a Kindle book or on Paperback.

A book of horror stories for Holland - In English

Here is the link to Phantasms in the Infirmary for our Dutch friends.
It is a great book and an easy read.
Ideal for those of you who are interested in Horror and also healthcare.

Amazon NL

afgrijzen - dank u en geniet

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Driving inspired writing

Writing stories is something I enjoy.  Development of the book and it's characters is a massive undertaking and can be arduous.
One has to be systematic and organised,  which is hard to do when you have a day job and family etc...  Life gets in the way!

Creativity is like a drug,  a mystical driving force that pushes one on to remain original and innovative.

All four books I've written have been projects of love.
There are no forced deadlines or contractual commitments other than those set by myself. Even so,  I hope that they are read by many for the right reasons.  Enjoyment, originality and familiarity with my work.

Please read any or all...  Please tell others about them and leave your reviews.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Wrap it up... For Christmas

🎼Christmas is coming...🎵  The goose is getting fat..  🎶

Fast approaching and lots of decisions needed regards to presents...

Well why not consider the brilliant 'Phantasms in the Infirmary'....  A book full of paranormal activities in hospitals.

Great reading plus,  it's easy to wrap!!!!  Now that deserves a LOL 😆😉😄

seriously,  a great read and subject matter for adults or even young adults.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Read, enjoy and please review

I spoke to a colleague recently about the lack of reviews of my new novel on Amazon and how it can affect the marketability of Phantasms in the Infirmary.
She said that that good review numbers is not always a reliable reason to purchase a book. 
This is reassuring but is her opinion transferable?
As authors, we are dependent on the views of our readers to inform and influence other potential readers.
However,  low review numbers can be deceiving and readers could miss out on the opportunity to discover a potential best selling Novel.

What is your opinion on this?

Tweet tweet

Check out Engaging Authors by @niume_official:

Stories from the heart

Writing a book is a marvelous experience.
The inception of the idea is paramount followed by the incentive to complete the project for the right reasons.
My reasons are not financial...  The drive is the desire to write a decent book with a great tale behind it.

Having had no formal training on writing,  one learns as one goes along with the hope of attaining a decent and interesting / captivating style.

Legally Lucky through to Phantasms in the Infirmary,  I can see the style change and confidence in my ability to share and projects evolution.

They are original,  contemporary and gripping.

I hope you can appreciate the aims of the book and forgive some of my maverick mistakes,  enjoying the tales and their meaningful results?


Tuesday, 2 December 2014

over 10,000 hits

great to have reached a milestone of 10,000 hits on my blog...The hits have Come from all over the world. However none from Africa . I need to get some from here
Any ideas Welcome

Lottery dreams... Fact Or fiction?

On the eve of another massive European lottery draw,  we can be excused for dreaming.
Legally Lucky,  my first book,  addressed the fictional character winning multiple lotteries through pure luck. It instantly changed his life with millions in the bank,  however was it for the better?

It's a challenge to know what one can do with all this surplus cash,  we've all thought about it.

Legally Lucky examines what hopefully will remain a work of fiction.
It challenges millionaire status and true precious gifts, family, friendship and strength.

I urge you to read this novel and enjoy it as much as many others have done.

Here's the link millions

Monday, 1 December 2014

Money off code

Phantasms in the Infirmary

A collection of hospital related ghostly short stories & ghoulish encounters
Authored by Ram Gulrajani
Authored with Julie Gulrajani
Edition: first

For all those who work in hospitals or ever have done, you will be familiar with haunted corridors, wards and spectral shenanigans.
Even if you are not a nurse, doctor or hospital staff, this anthology of ghostly tales is just what you need.
This is a work of horror fiction.
It is a collection of ghostly short commentaries and ghoulish encounters, that occur in a fictitious hospital. All assured to send shivers down your spine.
They are based on tales that have been shared by many hospital staff over many years of work in healthcare.
They have been meticulously developed into the tales contained within this compendium of scary fantasies.

The sightings, strange sounds and sinister goings on of the spectral activity retold in this book are based on true experiences, that have become local folklore in many hospitals.

The presence of those that have "unfinished business", gripes or other reasons for not wanting to pass on, preferring to linger in the realm between life and death. Those that are not alive, but then again are not completely gone.
They linger, hanging on to this mortal coil for their own reasons in whatever way they can. Not ready to let go, their affairs left incomplete for whatever the reason may be. Their presence remains, not always a peaceful one.
These myths take place in hospital, buildings that have been constructed to heal the sick and injured. However they are also edifices that have seen a lot of deaths.
This collection is intended to relate some of the more memorable legends.
Ghostly nuns, haunted wards and supernatural spectres... If you like to be spooked, this is the book for you.

Go onto the createspace website and....

Type the following Code P435P7S4

Paranormal hospitals

Our book 'Phantasms in the Infirmary'  is a compilation of chilling tales of hospital horror.
The tales are based on real experiences and developed into these works of fiction.
They will give you goosebumps...  For Sure
Enjoy and share your experiences with us.  If we are inspired by your story,  we will acknowledge your contribution in our next volume.

Christmas spirit... Crammed in one book

Christmas spirit..  In more ways than one!
Phantasms in the Infirmary.
A collection of hospital supernatural tales.
Includes a ghostly nurse,  nuns and paintings that are alive,  hauntings in the grounds and going on galore that are guaranteed to give you goosebumps.

Get your hands on a copy now.
Click here....