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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Phobic Wars Reduced

Kindle Countdown Deal
Phobic Wars... #Bugs #Roaches #Armagedon

Kindle Countdown Dealon
October 6, 2014to October 13, 2014 160 hour(s)

A massive 67% off then 34% off... Reverting back to its original price after this limited period

Put it on your diary,  download and enjoy

Monday, 29 September 2014

Gibraltar Authors - New Community on Google+

A New Community:
This is an introduction to all authors, with a special emphasis on those from Gibraltar.
The intention of this group is to share ideas, thoughts and help where possible.

An ultimate aim may be to organize an event in Gib to promote our wares but this is a little way ahead of where we are at now...!
For the moment - please pass this on and invite others...

See you on the flip side!

Halloween Hospital Horror

 Phantasms in the Infirmary

My latest book, will be out soon.

A Compilation of Hospital Horror released on Halloween...

All being well should be available at least the week before to download on Kindle and also paperback versions.....
Please pass this on to your contacts, I am sure they want to be spooked

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Putting the Fun in... Funnel Web Spider in Spain

The large and aggressive funnel Web spider found in a camping site in Jinena, Spain.
These photos were shared on Facebook by a friend... Thanks Barrie!!

Check out those fangs!

I hate bugs,  I shudder just looking at the pic..  Hence why I wrote Phobic Wars

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Kindle news

Now more chances to get your hands on my books
See below

Since you are enrolled in KDP Select, we want you to know Kindle Unlimited on was announced today. Now customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland will be able to read as many books as they want from a library of over 650,000 titles while subscribed to Kindle Unlimited. All books enrolled in KDP Select with publishing rights in the United Kingdom will be automatically included in Kindle Unlimited on

You can earn a share of the KDP Select global fund each time a customer accesses your book from Kindle Unlimited and reads more than 10% of their book – about the length of reading the free sample available in Kindle books – as opposed to a payout when the book is simply downloaded. Only the first time a customer reads a book past 10% will be counted.

KDP Select books will also appear in the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library (KOLL) available to Amazon Prime customers in the U.S., United Kingdom, Germany, France and Japan where authors will continue to earn a share of the KDP Select global fund when their book is borrowed.

Learn about Kindle Unlimited:

Authors meet - Hollywood in Harlow

Last night I saw one of my comedy idols,  Omid Djalili in Harlow.
Great gig and very funny.
Met after and bought his autobiography that was autographed by him. He recognised me from Twitter as he follows me on my Twitter account @Author_man_ram
Nice fellow. He said to my wife,  this man is a legend...  And autographed his autobiography with the inscription as bellow.
My wife's reply was 'I know that's why I married him'
Great evening.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Lessons from Facebook Activity

I have a Facebook page that is dedicated to my books and one of the followers was asking if the book was about Florence Nightingale?
I thought that was quite funny!
Then I looked at why this could have been thought...
I had posted a pan old photo of a nurse from the Victorian era, in uniform. I had manipulated the pic to make it look spectral but obviously she looked too much like Flo!

Its amazing how text can be interpreted and how much work, self publishing and the promotion of ones work takes.
The lesson learnt, there has to be clarity in the delivery of any message and make no assumptions... after all we know what the ASSUME Model is...

Never ASSUME because it will make an ASS out of U and ME!!

Here endeth the lesson!

Monday, 22 September 2014

Coming soon

Phantasms in the Infirmary

A compendium of ghoulish encounters

If you like to be scared,  read this

Guaranteed to spook you to the limit...  You will never feel alone in a hospital

Updated Author Page on Amazon

I have just updated my Author Page on Amazon.
Its been a while since I visited this page so it needed a freshen up.
I have re-jigged the profile information and added some news about the up coming new book, well one of them that is nearly complete and awaiting some edits..
It should be out before Christmas, another ghost for Xmas... not competing with Charles Dickens though, far from it!!

Anyway, please enjoy the edit and when you read the books, please leave a review....

Catch you on the flip side..
All the best

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Week off... For baby

Working full time in the busy health service is very tiring but rewarding.

Assessing and treating the sick,  management of the busy teams under my wing,  paper work...  Mountains of it....

Having time to write is not easy.
There are always more important things to take priority.

I have taken a week off to catch up on writing and finishing off some stuff.
However,  the other stuff has taken top priority,  especially as one of them was becoming a grandad!!!

March 2015 is when we meet the next generation.
We are so excited at becoming grandparents,  such a joy and so wonderful for our son and daughter in law... And us of course!

Please see the scan of our grandchild...

I will be getting back on track soon... 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Cockroach Dystopia

Phobic Wars
My second book is a work of fiction that addresses themes that are meaningful and original.  Bugs are far from revered and mostly detested.
Cockroaches are the theme in this story.
It is based on 2 separate lives/Stories that clash in their joint mission of irony.
Meet the characters,  embracing their different backgrounds with the difficulties in working towards their mystical mission.
Dystopia if they don't succeed but do they.
Read it and enjoy Phobic Wars
Available on paperback or Kindle ebook

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Writing books

The pleasure of getting a book published is exhilarating.
Seeing ones book in print is especially so.
The smell of the paper,  flicking through the pages and recognition of ones efforts is wonderful.
Seeing your name on the cover,  especially if you have had some input into its design or like with Legally Lucky,  modeled for the cover....

Our eldest son,  Paul,  a designer by trade,  told me to lay down on our kitchen floor after taking £35.00 (all I had)  out of my wallet,  throwing it on the floor then taking photos of me and the money to construct the end product.  Getting hold of handcuffs was no easy task...  Thanks to a local toy shop,  I bought some plastic ones...  They would do.

After a few pics,  he kicked the money around,  photographing the random settlement of the notes.

Next was the wizardry of photoshop skills he has and hey presto the cover was born...
As this was my first book,  I was as excited as a child in a candy store. 

The covers for Phobic Wars And Mental Dental (MBP) were designed by me.  They are cool but not as good.
I need to redesign these so if anyone has any ideas,  please contact me.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Health Related Supernatural Horror

Nearly completed
Phantasms in the Infirmary

The stories are written... The world is waiting... 
Editing to be done,  stringently!!
It's spooky to say the least. The hairs on the back of my neck 'went on high alert' writing the tales.  Only reading this book will assure you of the same.... 

Not long now!! 

I'll give you an updated invitation to download a copy soon

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Journey of discovery

Following the sudden death of a patient on the dentist chair,  Dr Jessie Stack is facing her worst nightmare.  Accused of murder,  she now has to try and beat the charge.
She embarks on a journey of discovery to try and catch the perpetrators...

Mental Dental (murder by proxy) is a challenge of the mind,  pitch your detective skills to try and solve the conundrum she faces.

A tall tale with a lot of bite....

Monday, 8 September 2014


I'd read more if only I could get an Amazon account...  Lol

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Football... Gibraltar v Poland

Check out @TheRockOfGib's Tweet:

#Harlow support for #Gibraltar v Poland with one of our sons,  Keiron

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Phobic Wars... Humanity v bugs

Everyone says, ‘you should write about what you know' and if there is something I know a lot about, it's the fear of cockroaches.

The panic and disgust I feel when meeting these creatures renders me quite helpless and my poor coping with this has been a stumbling block for me since childhood.

The trepidation and reactions to these insects has resulted in many an embarrassing memory and equally, a more determined effort not to encounter these creatures at all if possible.

My fear of cockroaches has led me to probably develop other phobic responses. I believe I have become claustrophobic as a response to my fear of these bugs. The logic to this is that the more likely environs for these creatures to live in and thrive in are the dark, confined spaces I now dislike so much.

Just thinking about the insects and what they look like causes the hairs on the back of my neck to stand on end, my body to shudder in freight, disgust and absolute revulsion. This is an involuntary response and personally I would rather tackle a whole rugby team single handed with whatever the consequences of this action might be than face one solitary and relatively minute cockroach.

Phobic Wars is a fictitious story of 2 main characters who although have a very separate story,  crash together to help save the world as we know it... 

Bugs, Atlantis, science,  death...  They are all blended in this book.

Please check it out.  It's inexpensive and original.

Gibraltar v Poland

7:45 tomorrow,  Sunday 7th...  Football history is being made..
One of the oldest FA 's in the world is getting recognised.
Gibraltar FA take a massive step onto the wide world of football... UEFA football
They take on Poland,  a great soccer nation.

This is our (Gibraltar) first full competitive match.
The odds are stacked against us but that is great...  The underdog has a fierce bite.

It would be so great to win and prove our worth.  By the way,  the odds on winning or draw are worth a punt... 

My old school friend Allen Bulla is their manager and as a Gibraltarian,  I am with them 100%..

Come on Gibraltar!!!

Friday, 5 September 2014

Another really good review

4 stars review
This new review of Mental Dental (MBP)

Ever wondered if there's anything worse than a dental abscess?
By Peter - 5 Sep 2014
Amazon Verified Purchase

Intriguing from the start this short story unfolds in front of your eyes like a news headline story right through to the (unexpected?) end. A great read from a fledgling author who will one day become well recognised. Look forward to more from Ram

Thanks Peter

Dental surgery next to....

Comments from Facebook between my cousin and I

'Due to see dental hygienist tomorrow morning of pain.. '

' Mental Dental (murder by proxy)'

'I was thinking of your book as in old town there is a dentist next to a funeral director. Lol'

If I'd known this I would have based my story in Stevenage

Facebook page

Please click on the link below to view my author Facebook page.
Please 'like' and share it


Thanks for your support and like

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Another new Review

A good review posted yesterday
It's great to get feedback and 3 stars or above..  I'm happy with.  Thanks for taking your time and the efforts of reviewing this work Petrina Swine.


New book out soon

Bloody Murder most horrid

Great reads recommend this book...  See my Twitter account @Author_man_ram
Help the presumed guilty Jessie Stack face the reality of murder.
The police don't believe believe her but she uses her ingenuity and initiative to help solve the crimes
This is a #bloody good read...  Bloody in more ways than you can imagine.


Monday, 1 September 2014

More writing

Being a part time author can be difficult.
After a long day in the NHS it can be difficult to get motivated to write.
The enjoyment of it allows some focus to return.
Putting my imagination into gear is not a problem though,  ideas for developing the story or stories in this case is wildly exhilarating.
Phantasms in the Infirmary is a collection of short stories based on 32 years in healthcare.
Ghostly Nuns,  asylum tales and others are written...  9 tales so far,  they are spooky too.
At times I have to check there isn't something sinister looking over my shoulder!!!
I think it is brilliantly different and with any luck,  there's loads of material for volume 2.
Just waiting for the literary agents decision on this and then full steam ahead.  I hope to have this available in October...  Fingers crossed.