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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Cockroaches, bugs and fate

Phobic Wars
I dislike cockroaches so much that I wrote a book about them.

If I had been asked to do what Eddie Murphy did in the following clip,  I'd have got someone else to do it for me!

Tower Heist

Phobic Wars is a twist of fates with further twists in the bugs future.
It's original and it is Different!!
Read it for yourself...  The link below takes you to my amazon author page.

Phobic Wars

Enjoy. Sleep tight and don't let the buggers bite!!!

Planet Earth's No1 Dental Killer Thriller

Mental Dental

Get a copy of planet Earth's No1 Killer Thriller with dentists as the perpetrators. Multiple deaths
Multiple killers
Multiple suspects

Help unravel the mysterious murders Mental Dental (MBP)

Friday, 29 August 2014

Legally Lucky... Slum Dog Millionaire meets in the Pursuit of Happiness

Money can't buy you happiness
It's the moral to the story... Legally Lucky.
Could having multiple millions get you all that you desire?

This story was my first novel.
It's dear to me and helps in focusing the reader to enjoy the most precious gift of all...  Life, family, love,  happiness and friendship.

All the money in the world cannot get you these....

Check out my author page and website. When you read it,  please write a review and make sure you pass the message on to your friends.  Thank you and enjoy

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Classic. Killer Thriller

Original and uncompromising thriller
Kindle Countdown Deal


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Only 2 reviews on But more on the site... I've included the. Com reviews here for you... 

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Mental Dental

Click,  Download, read and enjoy

Monday, 25 August 2014

Starts 26th August... It's tomorrow!!

Killer Thriller,  Mental Dental (MBP).
Kindle Countdown Deal starts tomorrow on Amazon. Com.
No kindle book collection is complete without a copy of my novel.
Best of all,  it's massively reduced for a limited period only.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

New kindle Countdown Deal

Kindle Countdown Deal for Mental Dental ( MBP)
Starts 26th August at 5pm
Finishes on 31st August at 6pm

Your chance to get my very best story for 67% off the normal price... For 72 hours
As it's a countdown Deal,  it does up in price but you still get 34% off... For 49 hours.
After this it goes back to the normal price...  Although still reasonably priced.

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RIP Richard Attenborough

Check out @TVSanjeev's Tweet:

Big loss to the world

Proposed new cover

My latest book is nearly finished.
Just waiting for the literary agents decision to go with it.
Phantasms in the Infirmary has a new cover and I am sharing this one with my wife.  She has written some of the stories...  Keeping it in the family.
In the same theme,  Paul,  our eldest son, has designed the new look cover...  See attached.
He is a graphics designer so why not use the in house skill set!!

What do you think?

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Legally Lucky is

Try the following link to take you to my amazon author page
Legally Lucky

This is my first book... 'Legally Lucky'.

It's Slum Dog Millionaire meets A Beautiful Mind and In the Pursuit of Happiness mixed with judicial interventions,  terrorism and politics..

Well worth a look at.

If and when you read it,  share your thoughts and reviews.

Comedy writing

I've published 3 books with some light hearted material blended in the otherwise seriousness of the stories.
Legally Lucky is a story of hope,  dreams and aspirations.  Some of it is less heavy to add balance to the tale.
Even Phobic Wars has light hearted,  bug related comedy..  This mainly entails the reactions to cockroaches.
Mental Dental (MBP) has lots of wild killing which is funny in its impossibility...
Not only am I currently writing a book of horror stories but also a comedic book based on a true story...  It's got potential....  I've told snippets of the story to colleagues,  family and friends.
They have been in fits of laughter!!  A great sign.
I am trying to write it as I'd tell it,  a conversation as such.

Tell me what you think of the style?

I can't divulge too much yet.... Watch this space,  with any luck,  it'll be ready for Christmas...  Only 18 Tuesdays till then.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The greatest book ever written?

What is your favourite book?
Why is it your favourite?  Is it the style of writing,  the story line or both?
One of my favourite books was a book called. 'Addict'  by Stephen Smith
Another great author in my view is any book by Stephen Fry especially' Making History'....  Brilliant
Making History

My books are far from being perfect but I enjoyed the release of developing the story.  A great way to unwind after a heavy day of 'saving lives'...
The whole thing was great, from putting pen on paper then transferring it on to the pc,  the plan,  structure etc.
My regrets.. ' impatience'...  I am too eager to publish without putting as much attention to detail as I should. 
This spoilt the experience a little but the stories are the 'poodles privates' especially Mental Dental (MBP).

Please share your library list..

You tube interview

The link above will take you to an interview posted on YouTube...

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Kindle Countdown Deal

Ebook manía continues
My novel, Mental Dental (MBP) is available on kindle Countdown Deal for only a couple of days.
The price is normally £2.06 so with this offer you can get 51% off the ebook and pay only £0.99
Please download a copy and get your teeth into this one (Pun intended)

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Ebooks v Paperback... George Orwell meets David & Goliath

Just ahead of World War II, there was a radical invention that shook the foundations of book publishing. It was the paperback book. This was a time when movie tickets cost 10 or 20 cents, and books cost $2.50. The new paperback cost 25 cents – it was ten times cheaper. Readers loved the paperback and millions of copies were sold in just the first year.

With it being so inexpensive and with so many more people able to afford to buy and read books, you would think the literary establishment of the day would have celebrated the invention of the paperback, yes? Nope. Instead, they dug in and circled the wagons. They believed low cost paperbacks would destroy literary culture and harm the industry (not to mention their own bank accounts). Many bookstores refused to stock them, and the early paperback publishers had to use unconventional methods of distribution – places like newsstands and drugstores. The famous author George Orwell came out publicly and said about the new paperback format, if “publishers had any sense, they would combine against them and suppress them.” Yes, George Orwell was suggesting collusion.

Well… history doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.

Fast forward to today, and it’s the e-book’s turn to be opposed by the literary establishment. Amazon and Hachette – a big US publisher and part of a $10 billion media conglomerate – are in the middle of a business dispute about e-books. We want lower e-book prices. Hachette does not. Many e-books are being released at $14.99 and even $19.99. That is unjustifiably high for an e-book. With an e-book, there’s no printing, no over-printing, no need to forecast, no returns, no lost sales due to out of stock, no warehousing costs, no transportation costs, and there is no secondary market – e-books cannot be resold as used books. E-books can and should be less expensive.

Perhaps channeling Orwell’s decades old suggestion, Hachette has already been caught illegally colluding with its competitors to raise e-book prices. So far those parties have paid $166 million in penalties and restitution. Colluding with its competitors to raise prices wasn’t only illegal, it was also highly disrespectful to Hachette’s readers.

The fact is many established incumbents in the industry have taken the position that lower e-book prices will “devalue books” and hurt “Arts and Letters.” They’re wrong. Just as paperbacks did not destroy book culture despite being ten times cheaper, neither will e-books. On the contrary, paperbacks ended up rejuvenating the book industry and making it stronger. The same will happen with e-books.

Many inside the echo-chamber of the industry often draw the box too small. They think books only compete against books. But in reality, books compete against mobile games, television, movies, Facebook, blogs, free news sites and more. If we want a healthy reading culture, we have to work hard to be sure books actually are competitive against these other media types, and a big part of that is working hard to make books less expensive.

Moreover, e-books are highly price elastic. This means that when the price goes down, customers buy much more. We've quantified the price elasticity of e-books from repeated measurements across many titles. For every copy an e-book would sell at $14.99, it would sell 1.74 copies if priced at $9.99. So, for example, if customers would buy 100,000 copies of a particular e-book at $14.99, then customers would buy 174,000 copies of that same e-book at $9.99. Total revenue at $14.99 would be $1,499,000. Total revenue at $9.99 is $1,738,000. The important thing to note here is that the lower price is good for all parties involved: the customer is paying 33% less and the author is getting a royalty check 16% larger and being read by an audience that’s 74% larger. The pie is simply bigger.

But when a thing has been done a certain way for a long time, resisting change can be a reflexive instinct, and the powerful interests of the status quo are hard to move. It was never in George Orwell’s interest to suppress paperback books – he was wrong about that.

And despite what some would have you believe, authors are not united on this issue. When the Authors Guild recently wrote on this, they titled their post: “Amazon-Hachette Debate Yields Diverse Opinions Among Authors” (the comments to this post are worth a read).  A petition started by another group of authors and aimed at Hachette, titled “Stop Fighting Low Prices and Fair Wages,” garnered over 7,600 signatures.  And there are myriad articles and posts, by authors and readers alike, supporting us in our effort to keep prices low and build a healthy reading culture. Author David Gaughran’s recent interview is another piece worth reading.

We recognize that writers reasonably want to be left out of a dispute between large companies. Some have suggested that we “just talk.” We tried that. Hachette spent three months stonewalling and only grudgingly began to even acknowledge our concerns when we took action to reduce sales of their titles in our store. Since then Amazon has made three separate offers to Hachette to take authors out of the middle. We first suggested that we (Amazon and Hachette) jointly make author royalties whole during the term of the dispute. Then we suggested that authors receive 100% of all sales of their titles until this dispute is resolved. Then we suggested that we would return to normal business operations if Amazon and Hachette’s normal share of revenue went to a literacy charity. But Hachette, and their parent company Lagardere, have quickly and repeatedly dismissed these offers even though e-books represent 1% of their revenues and they could easily agree to do so. They believe they get leverage from keeping their authors in the middle.

We will never give up our fight for reasonable e-book prices. We know making books more affordable is good for book culture. We’d like your help. Please email Hachette and copy us.

Hachette CEO, Michael Pietsch:

Copy us at:

Please consider including these points:

- We have noted your illegal collusion. Please stop working so hard to overcharge for ebooks. They can and should be less expensive.
- Lowering e-book prices will help – not hurt – the reading culture, just like paperbacks did.
- Stop using your authors as leverage and accept one of Amazon’s offers to take them out of the middle.
- Especially if you’re an author yourself: Remind them that authors are not united on this issue.

Thanks for your support.

The Amazon Books Team

Thursday, 7 August 2014


Nearly became a Doctor!
When I was young I decided to go to Medical School.
At the entrance exam we were asked to rearrange the letters PNEIS and

form the name of an important human body part which is most useful when erect.

Those who answered SPINE are doctors today. The rest of us are sending jokes via email

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Kindle Countdown Deal August 8, 2014 August 10, 2014 58 hour(s)

Summer reading

A great way to not relax at the beach.... Open wide
51 % off Mental Dental (MBP)

Kindle Countdown Deal August 8, 2014 to August 10, 2014

58 hour(s) to get your teeth into this one

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Why authors love to write about pandemkcs

Writing about plagues, diseases and bugs are a favourite theme for horror authors.  Phobic Wars pulls on these same emotions to allow the reader the same flow of fear as the ones on this link.

Seminal pieces by great authors.
It's an old formula but it works...

Phobic Wars

Friday, 1 August 2014

Phobic Wars... FREE

It's free for a limited period only...

Phobic wars

Get your own copy of Phobic Wars on Amazon Kindle
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