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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Three books for less than a fiver

Ebooks have enabled the consumers and avid readers to acquire a great deal of books that novels that take a great deal of time and creativity for next to nothing. 
3 books for under £ 5.00

Amazing Amazon
For less than the price of a cheeseburger meal on the high street and with the chance to enjoy them more than once.
You can get them on the link below

Amazing Amazon

Unlike the cheeseburger meal,  you can enjoy them more than once and..  I certainly wouldn't be happy trying to enjoy that same meal more than once!!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

BBC science club and Phobic Wars link

BBC science club and Phobic Wars
Scientists in Brazil have developed a new way of addressing the rise in dengue fever.
They treat the male mosquitoes and produce them at a rate of 100,000 per week,  releasing them so they can mate with the female mosquitoes.
This then ensures that the offspring,  the larvae do not live to maturity as the produced larvae that would die before they passed on disease.
Great science but what about the balance of nature?

Phobic Wars
My book hypothesised this scenario but instead of mosquitoes it involved Cockroaches.
The link between real science and my book based on fiction are uncanny.
Is there a real message not to interfere with nature in this novel ?
I urge you to read it and make your own mind up on this... And it's inexpensive
Here is the link

Phobic Wars

Enjoy your reading....

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Cruising in the Baltic : part 2

St Petersburg was beautiful,  it's opulent buildings on a city built by Peter the Great in the 1700s.
Modeled on Venice,  it's many canals now turned into roads but still definitely water based.
The mighty river Neva passing through it and on whose bank,  the ship that signaled the revolution in 1917,  the Aurora, is in permanent show.
The many bridges that now crisscross the numerous waterways make the city transferable however nothing beats a boat ride...
Awe inspiring buildings of all styles,  the shiny golden domes..  Stunning.

Managed to buy a Russian hat and a few other souvenirs,  including a book about the city that is very interesting and full of wonderful photographs.

The church on the spilt blood was awesome too but the thing that marred it was a mugging on some American tourist in our coach. 

Next was Tallin,  Estonia. 
This was the best city we visited..  It's old town is an inspiration and the people were friendly and helpful. 
The sites were capped by the park that was formerly Peter the great's summer palace.  Beautiful..
We had the best ever pavlova there.  I'd recommend Tallin and we plan to visit again for more time there.
The problem with cruises,  you have very little time in places that are nice and deserve a longer visit...  The chew family obviously thought the same...  They missed the ship!!
They would be looked after by the local agents and then have to fund their stay,  flights extra...  Oops

After this would be two days at sea until the next and final city,  Amsterdam.

Amsterdam was a lovely city but we did not visit the red light district or take drugs.  Instead we had a lovely civilised tour of this wonderful city and it's sights, sampled the food and drink... 

Next day,  Dover and home. 
After 12 days of being spoilt,  back to reality and normality.

Cruising,  I'd do It again,  however nothing beats coming home.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Cruising in the Baltic: part 1

Mayden voyage
There's a first time for everything,  this was one for us... Julie and I were going on our cruise.
We set off from Dover, on the Carnival Legend to undertake our first proper cruise.
We'd been down the nile and that was superb but this was our first multinational cruise,  exciting.
Why a cruise?  I love flying but with all the terrorism threats,  I'm fed up with the security measures we have to put up with.  Be at the airport 3 hours prior to departure,  100ml rile,  no sharps etc, etc, etc.  Then I seem to always be chosen at random for more extensive searching of my property and person...  No internal as yet though (phew!!!)
I am no mathematician but to randomly be chosen that many times,  there must be some skewed variable in my probability aura?  Or do you think my skin colour and name may influence this???  Sarcastic but what the hell...

Checking in or boarding was a pleasure.
Smiling helpful people,  luggage was taken care of,  all we needed to do was board and go to lunch at...  Wow.

The legend is a beautiful ship,  massive and tall.  Over 2000 passengers,  a big crew and loads of facilities.
Three swimming pools and Jacuzzis,  a plethora of restaurants and bars,  casino, shops,  nightclub,  theatre and comedy club. 
Food was plentiful and decent.
The passengers from varying ages,  walks of life and countries. 
I was surprised at the range of people.

State rooms
The cabin,  state rooms was well appointed and our balcony allowed a little escape from the hustle and bustle of the holiday makers when needed.
Our stewards were very attentive,  supplying us with the necessary towel animals,  chocolates on pillow and clean room we needed to make this relaxing vaccination more special.

The whole ship load of people had to undertake the safety briefing,  walk to the appropriate muster station,  deck 3 was ours,  and ensure we took notice and listened.
Especially so as our ships captain was an Italian and after recent Costa crashes.... Our captain was thankfully excellent. 

Copenhagen, Denmark followed by wademunden,  Germany with the next stop being Helsinki, Finland. All were so wonderful,  Denmark was a bit pricey but good to see it again.
We paddled on the east sea in Germany and caught our first glimpse of German ingenuity with their hamper like beach furniture / wind breaks...  Must sees.
We also noted a rather rotund man unashamedly undressing in the public beach,  no towel to cover any modesty...  His modeling career obviously never materialised!!!

Saw some lovely buildings and boats, sat people watching and enjoying the local brew from Rostock,  highly recommend this too.  A very palatable and thirst quenching beer. Prost
Helsinki again was a beautiful city. I was tempted by reindeer meat but opted for salmon..  Somehow Xmas could never be the same if I'd eaten rudolph.

Someone offered me 8 legs of venison for 20 Euro,  I refused,  I thought it was too dear (two deer...   :-) get it??

Next entry will be Russia,  Estonia, Holland...