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Tuesday, 26 September 2017


Yes folks, Obsession of the Damned will be available on kindle Countdown Deal.
Get the follow up to Mental Dental on Amazon Kindle UK and USA
Read it for only a few cents /pence.
Enjoy the adventure and mystery with all the twists you can get...
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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Writing... A poem

Perceptions are what I mistook
When I wrote my first ever book
Reality hit, the work it took
To market my first ever book

It was a novel all would read
A story everyone would need
But now years, on I've taken heed
Marketing books is a difficult deed

Some books on I'm sure of one thing
Money and fame ain't everything
It's the joy my books can bring
So onto another writing fling

It's not easy being an author
Though I believed it ought-to
The words should flow like water
It doesn't pay for bricks and mortar

The day job needs to stay
Selling books currently doesn't pay
But wish the books well I pray
They'll get popular, maybe one day

I aspire for them getting read
Someone choosing my books instead
Read them wherever, on the train or in bed
Share them, enjoy and be happy you read.... RPG Books

Phobic Wars... Synopsis

Synopsis for Phobic Wars
ByRam Gulrajani

This is a work of fiction and addresses a little sci-fi in it as it envelopes the main tag of the story, phobias with a love story within it and the old tales of Atlantis to boot.

The story is two separate stories that interweave and finally merge into one. Separate lives crashing into one another in order to save the world.

The story concerns phobias and how people cope with them and the main character in particular, an Italian with a fear of cockroaches.

In his work, he has developed a way of getting rid of cockroaches and is quite successful in this. However in order to resolve the problem, he encounters the fact that Mother Nature intended Cockroaches to be present in the world. Why? Well what is unleashed tells the story.

It is not until the cockroaches start to disappear that they even greater evil of creatures that had been identified by the people of Atlantis and had led to their demise and disappearance start to eat everything in their path.
Medusa Dermaptera are the creatures that the Atlantians had been trying to fore warn them about via the other main character in the book.
She is a distant relative of the surviving Atlantians and has vivid dreams that she cannot understand but turn out to be visions of warnings.
She is a nurse and meets an unusual patient on the ward she works in who turns out to be an Atlantian who has come back to life to pass on this message and try and prevent the destruction of the world by Medusa Dermaptera.
It encompasses the belief that innovation and changing the status quo can always be of benefit with the message that nature is finely tuned for a purpose and that the presumption that ridding the world of any creatures, even cockroaches , is not a good move.
I believe the story is original in its concept and could do better if the story was edited professionally and marketed by a publishing house rather than as a self publishing project. However the story is innovative and nonetheless a good read.

Want to try it?
Phobic Wars IS the link

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Cold, rainy days and dark evenings are back

The summer seems to be over, at least it feels this way in the UK.
The warmth of the day is less obvious as the temperature seems to have plummeted by a few degrees.
The evenings have drawn in as we now contend with the questions 'do we turn the heating on'?
Well with every cloud, there's a silver lining... I will now be more determined to finish the book I am writing.
What is it!?
Well it's the third part to the Mental Dental (MBP) series.
Yes, more thrilling adventures for Dr Jessie Stack as she faces the dangers of wrestling with psychopathic killer dentists.

So I hopefully will be able to complete the task I have set ahead and will publish in the coming months.
In the meantime, the summer may not be a distraction anymore but I have paid work, family and especially my gorgeous grandchildren to keep me from pen and paper.

Onwards and upwards

Anxiety response

‘Prisoner 3462666, I don’t think I follow you, who is that?’ she asked, puzzled at the numbered descriptor.
‘Prisoner 3462666 is Stephen Lambe’ Miller said and there was a long pause before a response came from the calls recipient.
Jessie could not believe what she was hearing.
She immediately started to feel her heart beat increase, pounding within her thorax, her adrenaline levels rising and her eyes blurring.

So why would someone respond in this way?
Well if you had been through all that Jessie had been through, you may have had the same anxiety response?
Want to know more?
Read Obsession of the Damned
Available on the Amazon website as a paperback version or Kindle.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Not sure what happened but...

I'm not sure what's happened but I have had a sudden spike to my books, especially Obsession of the Damned and Mental Dental (Murder by Proxy).

Hey, I'm not complaining but I wish I knew why in order to :
A) Sustain this
B) Replicate this

For the moment though... Get in there!!

Thursday, 14 September 2017


Mental Dental (Murder by Proxy) and Obsession of The Damned.
Both these stories are directly related seeing as the latter is the follow up to Mental Dental (MBP)... No coincidence.
Dr Jessie Stack faces the psychopathic pack, an unholy collection of killer dentists. In the process, she becomes the unlikely heroine
People are dying and no clues are obvious.
What Jessie uncovers helps with solving the issues but at what cost, to her!

It's unique and ingenious as a plot and maybe one day, not too far, it may become a movie or two?

Get there first and read the books... Check out my author page on Amazon to obtain a copy of the novels and when you do... Write a review.