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Friday, 14 April 2017

Interview with C. P. Ridgeworth

This is a rare interview with Gibraltarian author Clara P Ridgeworth. She consented because we both originate from the rock, however I don't know her true identity... We will hopefully find out a little more about why.

Q: Thanks Clara, tell us a little bit about you.
CP : well, I am from Gibraltar, I have written 6 books and Clara P Ridgeworth is obviously not my name, this is a pen name solely due to the contentious nature of Battle of the three miles.

Q: Why have you taken these steps?
CP: I am am based in the North East of England but all my family remain back home in Gibraltar.
I do not want any reprisals against them from our neighbours, Spain, because the book may cause a little tension in an otherwise volatile environment, exacerbated by BREXIT.

Q: can you give us a synopsis of the book, Battle for the three miles?
CP: It is simply every Gibraltarians nightmare, spanish splinter groups, an invasion by Spanish forces and the ensuing battle for that peninsula we call home. It is a work of fiction but a little too close to the truth, especially now...
It takes place on Gibraltar National Day, to make it more poignant and centred on heroism, unity, brotherhood and conviction.

Q:is it anti - Spanish?
CP: No, not at all, quite the converse..
It is a political action thriller that may be a little off type for a woman to write but it's there and I needed to write it.
In reality, the he people of the Campo de Gibraltar all live quite well and freely, they are not to blame or involved in the violence, they unite against the oppressors, show solidarity, brotherhood and friendship.
The cause stems from Madrid and fascist feelings erupting into this. Like I said before, it is not far from the truth as to what is happening at the moment back home.
I would hate to add cause to this but again if I can inspire brotherhood and friendship that can extinguish any thoughts of this, then my job is done.

Q:I've read it and it's a great story but it must be difficult to promote it if you don't want to be recognised?
CP: this is a nightmare, I rely on others to push the book out to others.
I am on twitter with the pseudonym but other social media marketing is more difficult.

Q: Are you writing anything else now?
CP: I am, however under my normal author name. It is a comedy so different to Battle for the three miles.

Thank you and food luck with the book.
For those interested in getting a copy of Battle for the three miles... Click here


Tuesday, 4 April 2017


Facebook link on RPG Books.
Worth a visit.
Worth a look

Sunday, 2 April 2017


Harlow council posted something on Facebook about using the municipal dump instead of dumping stuff anywhere.... How ironic, given today's circumstances, no wonder people fly-tip!

Being a Sunday, the municipal dump gets busy, so the queue was long, so as I only had two items to dispose of, I parked my car on an area outside the municipal dump and walked to the gates.

As I to walk into the municipal dump with a couple of items I was be confronted by a security man, in a dump, ironic!!
What precious things was he guarding? Not sure but I accepted the presence of this person.

Anyway, he addressed me and stopped me and others going in because of 'health and safety'. He stated that no walk-in's were allowed. I was a walk in now.

Someone was run over last week apparently and therefore no walk-in's allowed.

I asked the individual to let me in for a moment (after all, I am able to follow green cross codes etc...) plus I was only two or three metres from the target destination and I would not be crossing a road or anything.. Again, I asked him to be reasonable.

He again asked me not to and when I argued, he then stated I was Queue jumping and if I did not like the rules not to use the facility.. I reminded him of a fact that I was paid for the use of this in my council tax.
He didn't care, he was there to blindly keep a rule that had no sense or substance to it and just be obstructive, unhelpful and a nuisance.

I walked away, despite the urge to leave him with the 6 foot broken blind and an old washing basket as an added adornment to the numerous piercings he sported. Alas, I didn't...

The sad ironic thing is this will increase fly-tipping and just because one individual was careless, the variables were stacked against him on the day, we now all had to suffer the 'little Hitler' enforcing unreasonable rules.

Was I aggrieved, what do you think?

Sunday, 19 March 2017

The Dental deranged...

“Killer dentists jailed for life” was the headline on the front of newspapers and internet feeds across the world.
Lambe, Collins and Brian had indiscriminately killed for their amusement and sick pleasure. They had managed to terrorise communities, for most of their time, undetected.
However the net had closed in on them.
All good things do come to he who waits and justice had prevailed. They had been held on remand whilst the case was built and this had been three months in the waiting.

The three ruthless criminals were in the dock, facing their destiny and comeuppance. 
Lambe and Brian were smirking and laughing madly at the crowd. They stole a defiant kiss from each other before being separated by one of the security men.
Collins was crying, wrecked by the life as a convicted   murderer that he now faced. They were now condemned criminals. Gone were the luxuries and trappings of the lifestyles they had been accustomed to, gone were the privileges and perversions.
Also vanished was the chance to harm anyone else in a dental clinic ever again... The judge, Mr Justice Bowles, said “take them down‟ in a stern voice that echoed across the quiet crown court that soon erupted in relief and jubilation from the gallery.
No one was more relieved than Dr Jessie Stark, the heroic dentist who had uncovered the sinister trio and although deaths aplenty had come about, she surely had prevented many more.
She had set off on her investigative journey on the back of the accusations of murder Jessie herself had to endure thanks to the malevolent trio. Now, society was safer and she was proven innocent. It had been no mean feat to establish a link between the otherwise sporadic murders and capture the evidence to ensure the net was cast over the killers.
She, Dr Jessie Stark, a dentist, had single handed, done what a whole department of detectives, trained in their investigative craft, had failed to accomplish. The press had revelled in the shocking story that had happened in the heart of middle England and sold countless copies of their periodicals on the back of society’s innate morbid curiosity. It certainly was an innovative and poignant story revealing the deficits and flaws in systems that should have safeguarded the victims as well as the errors of judgement from the authorities in their investigation of the crimes. Stephen Lambe, a.k.a. Adam Shaw and his fellow accomplices Felix Collins and Gemma Brian were found guilty for the deaths of nineteen patients, four Polish builders and the two dental health professionals that had lost their lives as a result of their psychopathic yet clever murderous spree.

They were the catalysts of death and mayhem. They had managed to inflict all this chaos and murderous acts via other people, innocent victims being dispatched by blameless perpetrators whilst they remained righteous and undetected. They were however not undetectable and this is where the resilience and strength of the wrongly accused Jessie Stack was needed. She was determined to go that extra mile and establish the truth. The serial killers had claimed countless lives and got away with it until she intervened. However, they had been caught now and all they had to look forward to was prison life.
A long time behind bars, they were to serve several concurrent life sentences in the penal system, obeying rules and paying society back for their monstrous misdemeanours.  This was going to be hard on at least Collins, he was weak.
Brian and Lambe would find it easier as they were more resilient and savvy but even so, their time could not be as easy as living in freedom and wanting for nothing. Their lavish and extravagant lifestyles of drunken debauchery, sex, fast cars and expensive trimmings that their dentistry practices yielded had now stopped.
All their assets were confiscated by the state. This included their houses, cars, jewellery and hefty bank balances. Now they had no lifestyle trappings other than what the state provided as part of their term of incarceration. What now awaited them was a very long stretch of time, paying back their evil deeds to society, imprisoned and ensuring the general public was safe from them. After all, the sentence was life imprisonment with a minimum of forty years before parole was considered. The three would be in their eighties by the time their freedom was ever considered. They were sent to separate institutions in the prison system, “category A” prisoners, hazardous and dangerous. They would probably never see each other again and yet the harshness of their impending fate was just a joke and another badge of honour for Lambe and Brian. Collins, the weakest of the three and more the follower than the leader was devastated. They were bundled into separate security vans and sent to their new destinations and their solitary cell to start off with, claustrophobic, cold rooms with dimensions approximately 6 feet by 8 feet in size until they were found safe enough to share a cell with someone else. The three serial killer’s freedom had been withdrawn, they would now have no status other than what they earned, no privileges other than those granted to them and rules in abundance to adhere to. Life would never be the same again. More reassuringly for society, they would be kept separate, never to meet or encourage each other into crime again.
They were divided and conquered.

Well so it seems but this is just the start of the follow up to Mental Dental (MBP).
It would be a pretty short novel if it was... Obviously there is more to "Obsession of the Damned" and you will just have to download a copy to find out more about what happened next and more...!

Deception, drugs, death and destruction by the Dental deranged.
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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Drift away in a book

Reflect on the trials and tribulations of the day. Need to unwind?
What better way than drifting away with the aid of a great story...

My latest book offers the reader the opportunity to engage with the main character, Dr Jessie Stack fight for justice.

Obsession of the Damned Is available to you on paperback and digital formats.
You can escape into the world of fiction with one click.
It's a powerful murder mystery detective story. A continued saga battling murderous dentists.

Want to try it?
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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Normality post murder

Obsession of the Damned starts with the aftermath of Mental Dental... Jessie Stack tries to return to the norm.
"The excitement she’d lived through and the limelight she had gained was not something she aspired to, solving murders was exhausting. Jessie was now a “Crime Busting Heroine” and although she wished to disremember the arduous months that had transpired she would never forget. People wouldn’t forget as society wouldn’t fail to recall the series of events and murders she had helped uncover and maybe she deserved this adoration but now all she wanted to do was blend in and disappear into mundane daily life"

Does she succeed or does something else happen?  Well obviously something else happened. There would not be a second book otherwise!

Download it and read it, it is a cracking book and I recommend it ...